a little mini road trip adventure

Last weekend my friend, Charity, and I took a little one tank trip to Columbus-
for some culture and some shopping.  

We started with the culture.  (Actually we started with coffee and food and a little more coffee...fuel for shopping is a must!)
There was a small but great Rothko exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art

There was also a freaky but really cool exhibit on puppets.  I might have gotten scolded for trying to take photos so this one is from the gift shop.

Then there was more food.  I am not joking when I say if you find yourself in the vicinity of a Jeni's ice cream shop, you must try one of the ice cream sandwiches.  Sure it's a $6 treat, but your belly will thank me though your jeans might not.

 After we had had a successful shopping and cultural experience downtown, we decided to head to Easton for more shopping and culture.  

It was a whole different kind of culture...there were suburban moms on the loose for a boozy lunch (all drinking their Michelob Ultra's and carrying Lululemon bags), the Real Housewives of Columbus fighting with each other at the table next to us, and just some general oddities.  

Like with the puppets, I was both fascinated and a little freaked out.  I picked up some great fashion tips.  Who doesn't want a pair of gold jeans and furry boots on a 60 degree day?!

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Fizzgig said...

i got a hand me down lululemon bag from a girlfriend, when i carted her hand me down junk from her house to mine. I had no idea how expensive that stuff was! now i feel like a fake when I carry that to my workouts!

doesn't everyone wear furry boots with their gold pants?