Christmas Bacon

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


Oh Hi

A week or so ago, I went to the Bazaar Bizarre.  Holy crap is that place a giant shit show.  Don't get me wrong, there are some really awesome things in there.  But there are also even more not so awesome things-things that look like they might have been made while the person was doing craft hour while in a mental ward.  Sorry, it's kind of true.  (I am talking to you lady with the hair clips with the plastic babies glued on them.)  But it did provide some fantastic people watching.  And I was able to pick up a little CLE present to myself.

I have a lot of Cleveland stuff in my house (and a lot of pink things but that's a different post) and am always wanting more but I have to keep myself in check.  But I wasn't able to pass up these fun little wine glasses.  I saw them a while back at a friend's house and immediately started coveting them. Now, I have some of my own and I can go back to coveting the rest of my friend's decor.  

image from Fizz Creative.


sometimes you do something so stupid...

I blame Michelle for this.  Well it's not actually her fault.  
But she put all the elements in one place at one time. 

She has the one way sign.  She provides lots of beverages.  
She invited the people who put ideas in my head that this is a good idea.

Or she invited Seanski, who directed this classy pose.

But the headstands and the push-up competition against Alexa, might have been all me. 
Side note: when did I become the girl who does push-up competitions. at. a. party?! 

So sometimes you do something stupid, and the internet needs to know about it.  
And sometimes you just need to see my boots.


Sunday Bacon

The return of the Bacon.
It looks like he can't believe it either.