Adios Chicago

Goodbye Chicago

Sometimes it's good to just mope, to just be kind of sad.  Not sad in a "OMG how am I every going to want to get out of bed again" kind of way but in a "sometimes life isn't fun" kind of way.  This weekend, the last week and past few months sort of hit me all at once.  I thought a lot about how I have been in a weird holding pattern since the Ginger moved to Chicago.  I felt like I was just kind of waiting for him to change his mind and move back to Cleveland and that it was going to happen...EVENTUALLY (after his stubborn butt admitted Chicago wasn't all that and a bag of chips).  And apparently he is never, ever, ever moving back.  And we are never, ever,  ever getting back together (I can't predict the future but right now Taylor Swift and I might be on the same page).  Which just kind of sucks because I kind of liked this one.  I have dated some guys (and not all that long ago) who I didn't really like, like but just wanted someone to do stuff with. But Gingy and I started dating with crappy timing and we ended dating with crappy timing (hello birthday weekend visiting in Chicago).

So in the next few weeks I am really going to work on getting out of that holding pattern.  There have been home improvements planned, home decorating goods purchased, dinners with girlfriends arranged, extra cuddles with Bacon lined up (sorry you have spent so many weekends with gma lately buddy).  

Hello Cleveland