it's an extravaganza...a pudding shot extravaganza

Last night, a few of us headed to The Swinging Door in Fariview for cheap beer and pudding shots. 

(This isn't even the completed tower of terror, but you get the idea)

Pudding shots are the bestest thing since the invention of microwave pizza and pumpkin flavoring for coffee.  A few days ago, I had asked the Ginger to text the bartender to make sure there would be pudding shots available (sometimes they sell out…)  Not only did he text the owner but he also texted the girl who makes the pudding shots complete with flavor requests. And a follow up phone call.  And some additional texts all to be sure that there would be pudding shots for my friends and me. 
(side note: that boy knows the way to my heart. And it’s lined with pistachio and superman flavored pudding shots.  What can I say, I am easy.) 

The group was divided down the middle as to which flavor was the favorite—per some of the instagram photo comments, I thought some gang warfare was going to go down over which flavor was better.  It might be a more heated debate than the East Side/West Side thing (West Side is the best side...just sayin').  Tabitha, Michelle, and I were Team Superman.  Katrina, Mallory, and Abby were Team Pistachio.  Janet was also Team Pistachio but she breezed in for one (and only one...can you imagine only one?!) so I don't think she even tried Superman so her vote doesn't totally count. Allison showed up a little later and was Team Superman too. 

So because it's my blog and I love the Superman ones, here is your very own Superman pudding shot recipe:

1 small package instant vanilla pudding mix
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup Bailey's Irish Creme
1/4 cup Amaretto
1/4 cup Blue Curacao
1 8oz tub of EXTRA creamy Cool Whip

Mix milk and pudding together
Add Alcohol
Fold in Cool Whip
Put in cups with lids
Freeze until you serve.

Drink responsibly!


Sunday Bacon

Bacon had another sleepover with his lady friend this weekend and is feeling very "No pictures please" today.  So Sam, one of Lil Big B's buddies, is stepping up.  I think they are friends because they have matching ears and they fart like humans except the smell is worse.


the stork only comes if we don't say no

These ladies are great!  They got together and made a video, speaking their mind about the nonsense of legitimate rape.  Go Grannies!


a little bit of Bacon

This past weekend Bacon had a lady friend stay over.  Too bad she doesn't sit like a lady.  Maybe I interrupted some of their quality time based on the stink eye. I think Bacon gets his stink eye from me. Mags gets her stink eye from The Ginger.

(The Ginger giving that Miller Lite the stink eye because he really wanted a High Life.)


latest obsession

I cannot get enough of this song this week.  It reminds me of some 80s new wave music (my favorite genre).  I might have been chair dancing at work to it today-and it might have looked a little like some of the people in this video (I'm not proud).
It was added to my Chicago road trip mix for this weekend.