Sunday Bacon

Yes, I know it's Tuesday, not Sunday.
Sunday was spent lounging in Chicago and then a bit of quality time in my car-just me and the radio. (Thanks to Jess, I have decided my new favorite road tripping song is Hunger Strike.  And I have to be Eddie.  I don't have Chris' range.)
Yesterday was a blur. So Tuesday it is...


Ryan Lochte, Call Me Maybe

More Call Me Maybe...but this time it's Olympic swimmer style.  Everything about this video (except the fact I don't have any gold medals) reminds me of bus/van rides to meets, training trips, and just the general nonsense that happens when you spend too much time around chlorine.

I am so excited for the Olympics.  


the return of Sunday Bacon

this is Lil Big B's sexy face....
nope, he's not crazy.  not crazy at all.


you're killing me, Smalls

Well...with this photo I am not too worried about the ladies of Chicago hitting on the ginger - which kind of makes me happy though this photo kind of doesn't.  There are so many things wrong with this: black ankle socks, black ankle socks that appear to be getting a hole in the toe, black ankle socks with sandals, black ankle socks and not just any sandals-CROCS!  

And does he think he's a fashion blogger sending me a photo of his footwear?!
Ladies, stay away!  That boy is mine.


an insight in to the corners of my mind

Things I have been thinking about:

Downtown needs a good, cheap, fun nail place.  I have been slacking on painting my nails and I would love to run and get a mid-day mani/pedi.  Sure there are salons downtown but they are more full service salons (more stuffy, slow, not what I am looking for) and less of a clean and quick and good nail spot. 

Downtown could use a fun shoe store too.  It doesn’t need to be fancy but it needs to not be a Payless or Lady Foot Locker.  Hell, I would even take a DSW.

Why is there a Starbucks on W6th, Key Tower, and the BP building but not in Tower City?  Sometimes I don’t have time to hoof it across the Square to get my Starbucks fix on.

I want to hit the lottery.  I want to wake up, work out, eat a healthy breakfast with my fabulous friends, shop, yoga or spin depending on the day, shop for fabulous home finds (and clothes and shoes and accessories), travel (again with my fabulous friends), hit the pool to tan myself like I am a rotisserie chicken but not end up looking like a leather handbag. 

Why haven’t I been to an Indians game yet this year?!

Fall clothes are coming out and I am PUMPED!  I want so much.  I need so much (I don’t have Fall clothes that fit and look cute…not complaining, just explaining the need).  Nordstrom fall catalog, you’re killing me. Tights and leather and boots, oh my!

There are entirely too many people in the world who wear inappropriate undergarments.

Speaking of undergarments, how many pairs of underwear is reasonable for one to own???

My friends have been awesome since the ginger's move last week---filling up my calendar with things to do, checking in on how I am doing, etc.  Let's just say, I wasn't over this one in 12 hours like the previous one (plus we're still figuring it out/trying long distance).

These are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head this past week.


I'm still alive

I have finally come up for air.  Mainly because Gingey has decided to actually move to that shithole, Chicago.  (No, I love Chicago.  I really do.  But right now it can suck it.)  It hasn't totally sunk in that he's left yet.  But I can tell you this week hasn't been all that fun.  And probably next week isn't going to be either.  Or the week after, or the week after that...
It was supposed to be a "finite period of fun." We both knew going in to this that there was an end date-we knew he was moving, we knew what we were getting in to (kind of).  But stuff happens when you are busy making other plans.  And sometimes timing really sucks. The whole thing isn't wrapped up in a pretty package but that's not to say it's not a good thing.

And Chicago is lovely to visit.