before you came in to my life I missed you so bad

Like almost everyone else I know, I am obsessed with Call Me Maybe.
But this version is seriously my summer jam.
I might have requested a friend play it about 10 times while hanging at her awesome Airstream the other weekend.  I am not sure if I love it because it's Jimmy Fallon (who while not a ginger, I have a major crush on) or if it's because there is a kazoo in it or if it's because they just look like they are having so much fun.
Can you play a video from YouTube on repeat?  


can we even call it Sunday Bacon anymore?

I mean even he's pissed he hasn't had his picture taken in a while.  Well that and maybe forcing him to wear a Texas jersey in 90 degree weather.

My excuse, things have been busy over here---I've been broken up with (in the parking lot of XYZ no less) and I started hanging with someone new. Sure I was a little sad about the breakup-it took me about a whole 12 hours to get over.  And with the help of my meddling neighbor, it wasn't even a week before I was headed out with a tattooed, bearded (kind of--scruff counts as bearded, right?), ginger.  Do my neighbors and friends know me or what?!  The downfall, Ginger (as we shall call him) is moving to Chicago next month.  So it's a finite period of fun and I am taking full advantage of it. 


the things I think about when left to my own devices

Does Bill Murray take a lot of drugs or is he really kind of fun?  or is it a little of both?

Yes, this is the type of thing that occupies space in my brain.  


can I get a beer in this barre?

This past saturday I headed east with some of my favorite ladies to check out Barre Cleveland.  I am a little crazy cakes and did my regular Saturday morning workout and then went to this workout.  Why the double workouts? I wasn't sure how hard the class was going to be and I also need to work off some of the beer/pizza/etc from hanging out recently.  While, I am not 100% sure I would make the trek again, I am pretty sore from the class.  I just like my classes with a little more sweat (and a few less fake boobs).  My favorite part of the class might have been getting the giggles while basically thrusting a lot (no men allowed in the class so thankfully it was just a few friends and some random women that saw me air hump).  I told Alana that the barre needed to at least pay for dinner before I rubbed up on it.  And the word "poke" being said aloud repeatedly made me snicker like I was a 12 year old boy.  Hey, I never said I was mature.

image from here--and if this was really us, I would be the one in the grey tank top laughing.


Sunday Bacon

It doesn't matter where I place those pillows on the couch, they always end up corner to corner, creating a little pocket to chill in.  It's like he builds himself a little fort to watch the neighborhood in.