Sunday Bacon - holiday edition

We've been playing hard this weekend.  
I love summer - Bike rides.  Day drinking.  Porch sitting.  Patio dining.  Backyard fires.  Food from the grill.  Watermelon.  

I hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend. 


I just got back and I am already planning another trip

I got back from Austin late last night and I may or may not be planning a second trip back this year.  I woke up to the ACL lineup for 2012 in my mailbox (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Keys, Avett Brothers, Florence + The Machine, Alabama Shakes, The Roots, Weezer, Tegan and Sara, Old 97's---YES PLEASE!!!)  My cousin have already discussed the possibility of a second trip this year but I was waiting for the line up.  And the festival happens to be right before my birthday....hmmmm, sounds like perfect weekend in the making.
And how bad can another trip to this be?!

Austin never fails to disappoint me.  Their food scene is kind of amazing.  I don't even want to step on the scale to see the damage done.  I ate well.  And I ate stuff I wouldn't normally even consider eating-pig face, goat neck and shoulder, quail stuffed with duck liver dirty rice.  I didn't even hit the food trucks -Gourdough's, I missed you this trip, that won't happen again. (This morning I was back on the fruit smoothie with chia seeds and powered peanut butter after going for a good run.) I did have a little bout of homesickness but it was short lived; a cocktail, a float around my aunt and uncle's pool, and some fun text messages to the peeps you are missing is the cure for anything that ails you-I seriously wish I could experience Austin with my friends.  


Sunday Bacon

He's with my mom for the weekend but I miss him terribly.  
That face.  
Those cuddles.  
The waking me up before 6am to go outside.  


Cleveland, I love you but Austin is gaining on you

I am in Austin for a nice long weekend.  I have been shopping, eating, and drinking my face off.  Oh and I have been trying to tan myself like I am a rotisserie chicken.  The weather has been amazing-along with the food.  If you happen to find yourself in Austin, you must check out Barley Swine and Swift's Attic.

The weird thing about my trips to Austin is that exes always decide to text me while I am here.  I haven't heard from them in weeks or months and now they decide to pop up during my fun time.  Well now I know why we're exes.  GO AWAY!  Can't you tell I am busy?!


am I seriously reading mommy porn?

I have been absent for the last few weeks…for good reason.  If you know me, you probably already know why.  But last night I decided I needed to pick up a book (or two or three) for my trip to Austin next week.  And I finally broke down and decided to buy Fifty Shades of Grey.  I was waiting to borrow it, but I couldn’t’ wait any longer.  So Friday night, I did laundry, hung out with Bacon, and started reading….


And I am a little worried about reading these on the plane.  Or by myself.  I have a feeling someone might benefit from this read…and it’s not Bacon.