Sunday Bacon

This dog is kind of an asshole.
He's lucky he's cute.
He woke me up at 5am on a Sunday.  And then at 7.  And again at 8.  
Alright, alright we're up.


Sunday Bacon

Someone thinks I was out a little too late last night and came home after curfew.  
So he woke me up 2 hours later, at normal Sunday time, as payback.  
I get it, I get it...I won't miss curfew again. 
Now can I please go back to bed? 


taking lawn bowling to a whole new level

I have this space behind my garage that is just a bunch of rocks right now but it could be the perfect spot for this.  Seriously...how awesome would this be?! I promise I would invite you over for backyard bowling and beers.  My neighbor will have a fire.  And he will make you drink whiskey with him. The neighbor across the street will bust out the potato launcher. See all the fun that could be had?!

Side note, I love Pinterest.  I could kind of care less about the recipes. I mean they are awesome and all to look at but I am not going to make 1% (or even 0.1%) of the stuff I see on there.  And I am not a DIYer. I was actually just talking to a friend about this...I don't have the patience to paint let alone repurpose wooden pallets in to something amazing or retile a bathroom (that's actually laughable).  But it's sure fun to look at.  And dream.  And think about who I can bribe in to doing crap like this for me.


what?! what?!

Um, would you ever have thought that Kip was actually a ginger beard? And not a troll? 

He's a pocket sized ginger beard but I'm not tall.  I don't have to wear heels anymore...wait, I take that back.  We can get him lifts for his shoes like Katie got for Tom.

Image from The Frisky.


it's a celebration?

I did it!

But, I wish I was more excited about actually reaching this 60 pound goal.  Almost all last week I was under my goal weight but it wasn't official because technically I only count Tuesday's weigh ins.  So this morning I was up bright and early weighing myself like a crazy person.  (Even Bacon was like "enough already, lady!")  And I have "officially" lost over 60 pounds.  But I was still lower most of the week so I am pissed-pissed that I didn't drink all week, tracked everything, worked out and didn't lose as much as I had hoped to or even what the scale had been telling me most of the week.  

I want to smack myself.  Really, I should just be happy that I accomplished that goal.  I get to wear my shoes, my crazy disco Dorothy shoes. Maybe that's what will get me excited-putting on the shoes and wearing them outside of my house...now, where o where should I wear them?! 


Sunday Bacon

Easter Bunny, is that you?



I have been so close to my 60 pound goal (60 is my stretch goal.  50 was the original goal.  65 is super stretch. 70 is Mother goal) for weeks now.  It’s been really hard to find the motivation lately.  Before it was easier because I still felt like a hoss.  I no longer feel like a hoss so there isn’t that negative motivation.  Because I felt like I needed a little push, I decided to suck it up and purchase the goal shoes.  And then force myself not to wear them until I actually reached my goal.  This is going to kill me.  I am the type of girl who wants to wear my new purchases RIGHT NOW.  I was the kid that wore fall sweaters on the first day of school because they were new and I liked them and I must WEAR THEM NOW.

So the shoes are right by the scale.  Right by the door in the room I go in to everyday to look in the mirror and get my shoes for the day. Essentially, the room is my shoe closet that happens to have an extra bed in it.  It’s only been a day since they have arrived and I want to wear them so badly.  So, because it works, no drinking this week.  I will be tracking everything, sticking to WW plan.  I will be working out like a fool and don’t you try and stop me. (Any up for spin on Sunday morning?  Are there classes on Easter?  Anyone want to swim on Saturday with me?)
Victory is 1 freaking pound away!!!!!!!

And when you see me in my shoes---give me a high 5


Sunday Bacon

Can I use the phone now?
What about now?