run for your lives?

It seems like lately zombies are everywhere....
zombie books-The Forest of Hand and Teeth series.  Yep, they're YA.  Yep, I read 'em.  Yep, I loved 'em. Do you have a problem with that? I am going to read Feed next.
zombies on my TV- The Walking Deadanyone?  

And then I heard about this...
a zombie infested 5k obstacle course?!

I could have zombies in my run?!
Who is with me?


Actually, I can go for that....

Who doesn't love Hall and Oates?!
Who doesn't love a random Hall and Oats cover?!
Who doesn't love a Hall and Oates cover recorded in a van by a girl and three dudes with beards?!

Oh and there is a kazoo...consider my day made.


the new bacon

No, I am not getting another dog. 
(though I do have some puppy pushers in my life, they haven't won...YET)

No, I am calling chicken and waffles as the new bacon.  
Torani is even making a chicken and waffles flavored syrup
And because I am a food trend follower, I am going to need to try this.


Sunday Bacon

Bacon likes to move the pillows on the couch around to build himself a little fort/barricade.  
It's odd how similar he is to me sometimes.


in case you were wondering....

...where I got my taste in men with crazy facial hair and awesome fashion sensibilities--just look to my dad. 

plaid shirt, printed bow tie, white sport coat, huge chops. 

And here he is sporting a white guy 'fro.

Yep, we can kind of blame my mother for this one too.  Why wasn't she judging that outfit choice, or that hair style, or the fact he made her go on that boat....


Happy Hunger Games

Last night/this morning I was among the of masses of teenage girls (and like 10 teenage boys) who were at the 12:01 showing of Hunger Games.  Except I am not a teenager.  And I am old and crabby and like sleep.  But anyway the movie was great even if I am now so tired I can barely function.  I actually really liked it and I almost fell asleep only once but that wasn't because it was boring or anything but because I am old and crabby and really like sleep.
 My only complaint is Lenny Kravitz as Cinna was a tad disappointing.  I LOVE me some Lenny (odd I know because he is neither ginger nor bearded but he is hot) but he isn't a good actor and I guess I expected a little bit more flare from him.  
So who wants to go see it again with me?


Sunday Bacon

Awwwwww mom...do you have to go to the bar?

This is Bacon's idea of a party on St. Patrick's Day----chillin' on the porch, catching some rays.


so I creep...

ah the benefits of internet creeping.  
Oh you have a friend who is friends with one of your crushes.  Well, let's go see if there are any photos you can view.  Oh looky looky!  Lots of photos!  Holy fuck is that a snake?!  Please god tell me that isn't where he lives! Oh another snake!  What the fuck?!  How many photos does he need to post of his snakes eating mice?  Does anyone over the age of 12 really put posters on their ceiling?  That room looks so dirty, I think I need a shower...and not in a good way- like in a I need to shower with bleach kind of way.

Well, there goes that crush.


Things I hope go away forever for $1000, Alex....

What is duck lips and a peace sign in photos?

I know I can't be the only one who is over this.  Seriously ladies, you aren't in a gang so enough with the gang symbols or peace signs or hand gestures or whatever the hell you are doing.  And the duck lips, you look stupid.  I hope your face stays that way.


you can't be any geek off the street

A while back a friend of mine told me that if I hadn’t made any progress with the friend crush by the end of first quarter (yes, we’re bankers. We think in terms of quarters.) that I had to go on at least one date with a random new person.  He told me I had to put myself out there. 

So out there I am trying to put myself even if it's been slow, really freaking slow.  I got the head nod of approval from Shibani for just talking to bowling crush. After my last experience, this was actually something to be celebrated.  I learned all kinds of random facts about him.  See what happens when you actually talk to someone?! Baby steps.

Actually last week I got 2 head nods of approval.  One for just talking to bowling crush and two for an actual real live date.  If you couldn't figure it out, I am terrible at dating.  Who decides where to go?  Am I going to get so nervous that I throw up? Should I expect him to pay for dinner and drinks or is it ok if I pay for drinks and he pays for dinner?  Who calls/texts who first after the date?  If I decide I don't like him, how long do I need to sit here? Oh and the fact you have to talk to guys to even get a date in the first place. Enter Regulator (obviously not his name) and a real date was in the works.  He's not my usual type--blonde, clean shaven with no ink (NONE!), college degree, 8-5 job. He's almost the exact opposite of what I am normally attracted to-what I have been doing hasn't been working for me so I guess I should mix it up. I figured if the date went poorly, at least I could get a funny blog post about it.

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly) there is no funny blog post to be had about it.


this should have never happened...ever

Can this woman just have the damn baby already?!  She's been pregnant forever. 
And I guess it has been confirmed she is having a girl. I could have told you that---actually if you read my twitter, you probably already knew that.  
What's it they say about girls stealing their mother's beauty?  Yep, done.
Oh and Demi already did this.  And you're no Demi.



Sunday Bacon

I came back from Florida to my nugget (and a cab driver who wanted my number).  
Poor Bacon has a case of kennel cough as a result of his vacation.  While the coughing seriously bums me out, is it bad that I am sad that Bacon can't go back to day care until he is all better?  Bummed because I don't get both the benefits of day care wearing Bacon out and I don't get to see the crush.


every time I watch the Jersey Shore my brain shrinks a little but I can't stop watching

I wish I didn't get why this is so funny.  But I do.  And I giggled.


sometimes I have a little too much to say

It’s been a good hot minute or so since I ranted about something stupid that really only matters to me.  At least online that is. 
A few weeks back I met Katrina and a few other peeps out at Deagan’s Kitchen for Katrina’s birthday.  Well I might have had some cocktails and many, many Jell-o shots before arriving at the bar.  So I was pretty primed for a rant if the bear was poked.  Also I had recently gone to a sort of new restaurant owned by a sort of well known chef in town and had a pretty poor to mediocre at best meal. The service was slow among other things, not good for a place at lunch downtown.  The food was kind of eh.  And by kind of eh, I mean kind of bad.  Not a lot of flavor. The meat was so fatty it kind of grossed me out.  Good portion size is the best thing I can say about it. But when the food doesn’t taste that good, I don’t care how much you give me.  So now I have had kind of crappy service, a mediocre (yet overpriced) lunch meal.  How can this get better? Well a trip to the bathroom didn’t give me any warm fuzzies about the place. If the meal is overpriced and the service kind of crappy, the least the restaurant could do is have a clean bathroom, right?  Well grime in the sink and dirty walls don't constitute a clean bathroom. Yep, that was pretty much the nail in coffin for me.  I was over this place.  (still am actually and seriously don't understand why people like it)
So back to Deagan’s…I am now even more drunk and apparently still pissed off about my recent lunch.  So the mere mention of the chef’s name might have sent me into a rant that one of the guys (and maybe anyone within a 15 foot vicinity) might not have been ready for. I was mean.  And inappropriate.  And instead of talking crap about the chef (And maybe his wife.  Maybe especially his wife.) I should have just shut my mouth.  No one is forcing me to eat there.  No one is forcing me to support the chef.   I don’t have to support the chef’s wife either.  Take your money elsewhere and shut your hole is what I should have done.  But since when have I ever done that?! But at least I kept if off the internet.  Well, kind of.