Sunday Bacon

He's happy it's Sunday too.


Falling from high places, falling through lost spaces

A friend of mine posted this on my Facebook wall (or timeline or whatever the hell it's called now) the other day.  I then tried to describe it to my boss who thought a video about a guy on a bike sounded stupid until I forced him to watch it.  Now I am forcing you to watch it.

I don't even think I could walk on some of those things without falling let alone do it on a bike.

And the song is pretty awesome too.


like mother, like daughter

my mom doesn't agree with this

My mother is a bit hypercritical.  I never could figure out where I got it from until recently---and it was running that made me realize it. Back when I was a freshman in college my mom lost 75 pounds (she divorced my father, went on Jenny Craig, started running).  Running is what she started to try and break through those last 20 pounds.  And she was pretty good at it for not being the most athletic person in the world.  She worked hard at it.  She even became a little obsessive about it (see the similarities already?).  She had a few injuries that managed to force her to stop running but she really enjoyed that time in her life. 

Fast forward to my running.  It is not something I naturally excel at.  I AM A SWIMMER.  Have been a swimmer most of my life-swam competitively as a child, then in high school and continued through college.  I can swim like some people can run—it takes minimal effort and I can swim and swim and swim (sometimes much to other's frustration).  I love sweating out chlorine the next day. I am not the fastest at it but I am decent. Running sucks.  The first couple of years that I was running, I was SLOW.  I knew I was slow but I was making progress so I was happy about it.  I would call my mom and tell her my 5k times and she would tell me good job but I knew she was judging me.  Her first ever 5k time was 26 minutes.  She didn’t think a time of 30 min was any accomplishment.  This is a tough cookie to please.  So imagine my happiness when I was on a runner’s high calling her to tell her about my own 26 min 5k.  Her response---great job, now you’re finally getting competitive. Way to keep it in perspective mom. 

When I read about people’s running times or running blogs or even Runner's World, I have a hard time not using her benchmarks.  I can’t help it.  She set the bar pretty high. I get fussy when people call themselves runners when their running is basically a fast walk or when they started running Jan 1st with all the other new year's resolution folks.  Or if they cut their running in with walking---2 min run, 1 min walk. People consider themselves runners if they run around the block-so quick to want to attach a label to themselves.  I am sorry, I don’t consider that running.  That’s working out that includes running but it doesn’t make you a runner.  I know people won’t agree with me.  Sorry, I am not actually sorry. I still have a hard time considering myself a runner especially when I haven’t run in a couple weeks (hard to consider yourself a runner in the winter in Cleveland…you have to be tough). I consider myself a girl who happens to run. 

So I will judge you if you run—and you can blame my mother.  She’s judging you too.


with friends like these...

Backhanded compliments are the best, aren't they?
When telling someone, who has always had a way of making me feel a just little bit bad about myself, my current pant size (not totally out of the blue or anything because if that was the case, I would say nasty stuff to me too)...would I expect their response to be anything other than what they said: "Holy Shit!  That's the size I wear"?
Um, thanks? 
Did they mean,  holy shit I can't believe your fat ass was able to squeeze in to the same size as me? Or maybe it meant, holy shit, you're tiny? Or who knows what it meant but I am not 100% sure it was a compliment.
 "Poor girl.  You just can't lose those boobs, can you?"


Sunday Bacon

Life is rough when you are a dog.
And considering the angle, I was also sprawled out on the couch when I took this.

Saturday night drinking leads to lazy Sundays.  


old blue eyes

I have a love for Paul Newman.  
This is fact.
And he's from Cleveland...only makes me love him more.

I used to have this episode of Iconoclasts on my dvr but lost it when I moved--I am off to track an online version down so I can watch repeatedly instead of watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Orange County, Hell.


for every goal there is a reward...amended version

When I originally set out to lose some weight, I made these Frye boots my goal purchase.  I have wanted them for years and fat calves just won't fit in them.  (And they aren't cheap.)  They remind me of a pair my mom had in the 70's that I would play dress up in, I loved those boots.  But now that I am here, I don't want to actually buy the boots anymore-well, I do but I don't want them to be all funked up with salt and snow and before you know it, boot season will be over.  So I am amending my goal purchase-along with my goal.  (My original goal was 50 pounds and Frye boots.) 
New goal is 60 pounds (maybe 65) and Kate Spade Charm shoes.  By the time I get there, it should be just in time to start wearing them.

I'll make the boots a keeping the weight off reward.


you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

I am seriously obsessed with the original version of this song.  Love it!  I have been listening to it on repeat, taking breaks only to listen to the City and Colour cd my friend sent me and the Black Keys' new one.  So imagine how excited I was to see this awesome cover. 


Sunday Bacon

Yep, he's crazy. Like mother, like son. (And we both have a bit of the wonky eye.)
What can you do?!


I have lost my mf-ing mind

Yesterday morning I hurt my back at the gym doing thrusters (squats in to a push press with a 45 pound bar).  Second round of seven in and I felt it go.  It's hurts to stand up straight, it hurts to get up from a sitting position, it hurts to cough, it hurts to sit on the toilet to pee (TMI? well it does.  And getting up off the toilet is no picnic either).  And because I am absolutely insane, I was trying to tough it out and take nothing stronger than Tylenol.  I was using those Icy Hot patches and resting on the couch, and trying to stretch every few hours so it didn't tighten up any more than it already was.  I wouldn't even take ibuprofen or Aleve..."Why?" one might ask.  Well, non-steroidals can cause your body to retain fluids and today was my weigh in day.  Yep, I didn't want to take any drugs that may or may not (and usually do not) have had any effect on the back pain so that I didn't have any water weight gain for today's weigh in.  I said it was take no prisoners and I didn't care who got in my way, including myself, I guess.  Plus I don't like to take meds...at all.  Hate it actually.  
I have mentioned before that I weigh myself obsessively and this past week I got on the scale and was exactly at my original goal of 50 pounds lost.  But that's an "unofficial" weigh in and therefore doesn't really count.  I know all of this makes me crazy--I am in pain and I opted to try and tough it out so I can try and have a good weigh in?!  What's another week to get to goal?!  I am competitive (and crazy...see above and actually all of my previous posts if you need additional proof) and I just wanted to have the best possible outcome. 
So now that my weigh in is over...and I HIT MY GOAL...bring on the Aleve!  I am "officially" down 50.4 pounds. Too bad this milestone is marred by some back pain but I will be jumping up and down soon enough.  Bring on the stretch goal of 60 pounds (which may be updated as I get closer to it)!!


Sunday Bacon

Bitch!  What are you looking at?!  So what it's 50 degrees out, I am hanging out in front of this space heater.  You use your heated seats when it's 60 out so shut up and quit judging me.

I'm over it

Last night I texted my friend, who is also not drinking, and asked her what she was up to for the evening.  Both of us had nothing so we decided to finally see Breaking Dawn Part 1. We've waited so long to go see it, we had to travel to a theater further away than our regular place.  Valley View was an adventure in and of itself.  Such amazing people watching-where do these people come from?  What rock did they crawl out from under? Where did they still find a matching velour sweat suit to wear to the movies? Every pair  or small group of women in their 30's were going to see Breaking Dawn-we were calling it. We were laughing and judging. And we were even judging ourselves a little bit.  

Anyway...For the last couple of Twilight movies we were there opening weekend with our mini bottles of cheap champagne.  We were ready.  We were excited. But the problem with spreading out the movies like they have, WE'VE MOVED ON.  We've found Hunger Games.  (That movie comes out in March and WE'RE READY!!!)  And like any relationship that has gone on too long, we were no longer able to overlook the things we used to think were kind of cute and endearing.  Jacob doesn't take off his shirt enough.  Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress with bunny teeth.  The sex was awkward.  So. So. Awkward.  (and isn't is always that way in this stage of the relationship?!) We left laughing, laughing at how bad it was.  Except we really want to know what raspberry lip stain they use on all the vampires.  Their pouts are perfectly colored.  

At this point, we are committed.  We're going to have to see the last one.  But I can only imagine it's going to be like the one last time with someone you used to love.  It's going to be awkward and bad and is only going to cement in your mind that you've moved on.  Now GET YOUR SHIT AND GET OUT!

image from Jennsylvania's recap of the movie.  I should have just stuck with the recap.


a cat needs a bicycle like...

Do you read WTFOREVER21?  No?  You’re kind of missing out.  There was a post about what not to wear on NYE that made me snort not once, but twice.  (I mean all her posts aren’t all gems but then again, not all my posts are winners either…get over it)  anyway while perusing WTF21, I came across this bicycle cat sweat-shirt.  

Seriously, I think that all that is between me and a new makeout friend is a kitschy nude sweatshirt of a cat with a giant head on a bike. Maybe it would be the ice breaker I apparently need to talk to cute boys in the bar (unless of course they are still living in their parents’ house, I have been there and done that. And where in the hell are all the men with jobs, and cars that don’t have the exhaust system sitting on their front passenger seats, and maybe a place of their own?!)….
Internet, you have until the 21st to get this to my doorstep (since that’s when I will be hitting the bars again) .

I checked…it’s still available, kind of like me. 


it's only 3 weeks...21 days

Ah, the good old "prison breakfast" as I like to call it.  Cottage cheese, with a little preserves mixed in. Light wheat toast.  And usually a coffee or 10.  Since joining Weight Watchers, I have found this is the lowest point breakfast I can have that also doesn't make me want to hurt someone because I am so hungry.  OK, sometimes I still want to hurt people because I am hungry but usually that's around 4 in the afternoon.  (Goal of 50 pounds.....I can see you and I am coming for you who cares who gets caught in the cross fire I mean business enough of this messing around.)
But the real reason I took these photos was not to show anyone that I have one of the most boring breakfasts out there but because apparently I am thirsty.  Two nights of heavy drinking in a row will do that to a lady.  A 20z of iced tea and coffee (or tea on sunday because I was too lazy to make coffee).
Well for the next three weeks, I am not going to be drinking.  Yep, I said it.  I put it out there.  No drinking for me until my friend's wedding on the 21st. A couple of reasons---I am like less than 5 pounds away from my initial weight loss goal (and my stretch goal isn't too far away either) and I am sure that the last couple of months of overindulging hasn't helped and a little detox might be all I need to get there. Also, two of my friends stop drinking for the month of January as their detox, so I have support.  We can all not drink together.  
So the need to rehydrate in the morning will only be a result of a kick butt workout and not a giant hangover the size of Texas...at least for the next three weeks.


Sunday Bacon

Bacon is pooped out from all the partying/playing he did to end 2011.
He's ready to settle in for the long winter in front of the space heater.

HELLO 2012!

Happy New Year!  The holiday season is OFFICIALLY over. 
I now am going to bore you with some of the things I want to work on in 2012...not really resolutions per se, just things to work on.

Wear more sparkles
Dress up more
Wear fancy shoes
Ease off the Facebook stalking
Drink less beer...more wine...or vodka...or bourbon
Stop throwing clothes on the bathroom floor
Break in the new mattress
Buy less from Target
Do my hair more
Eat more vegetables
More make-out sessions
Stop lounging around in Under Armor on the weekends
Run more
Hit that weight loss goal (so close yet so far away)
Only wear the good underwear

Here's to a fantabulous 2012.  Cheers!