an insight in to the corners of my mind

Things I have been thinking about:

Downtown needs a good, cheap, fun nail place.  I have been slacking on painting my nails and I would love to run and get a mid-day mani/pedi.  Sure there are salons downtown but they are more full service salons (more stuffy, slow, not what I am looking for) and less of a clean and quick and good nail spot. 

Downtown could use a fun shoe store too.  It doesn’t need to be fancy but it needs to not be a Payless or Lady Foot Locker.  Hell, I would even take a DSW.

Why is there a Starbucks on W6th, Key Tower, and the BP building but not in Tower City?  Sometimes I don’t have time to hoof it across the Square to get my Starbucks fix on.

I want to hit the lottery.  I want to wake up, work out, eat a healthy breakfast with my fabulous friends, shop, yoga or spin depending on the day, shop for fabulous home finds (and clothes and shoes and accessories), travel (again with my fabulous friends), hit the pool to tan myself like I am a rotisserie chicken but not end up looking like a leather handbag. 

Why haven’t I been to an Indians game yet this year?!

Fall clothes are coming out and I am PUMPED!  I want so much.  I need so much (I don’t have Fall clothes that fit and look cute…not complaining, just explaining the need).  Nordstrom fall catalog, you’re killing me. Tights and leather and boots, oh my!

There are entirely too many people in the world who wear inappropriate undergarments.

Speaking of undergarments, how many pairs of underwear is reasonable for one to own???

My friends have been awesome since the ginger's move last week---filling up my calendar with things to do, checking in on how I am doing, etc.  Let's just say, I wasn't over this one in 12 hours like the previous one (plus we're still figuring it out/trying long distance).

These are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head this past week.


Kristin said...

i agree with 100% of those thoughts - especially the nail place, starbucks, and shoe store. :)

CLEshopaholic said...

Ha!! I loved that we've covered many of these topics in our conversations in the past few weeks. My favorite one is always the "when I win the lottery..."

Fizzgig said...

the answer to all your problems is to move to akron. Free parking, cheap baseball games, night life, nail salons, gyms, restaurants, and everything in between.

But since that won't happen, just enjoy what you have! lol.

There is no limit to undergarments, you should take advantage of every sale. it makes weeding out the old ones much less painful!!

Allison M. said...

wait - having sex handcuffed in the happy baby position isn't a possibility?

laters baby.

eww gross. why did I type that?