can we even call it Sunday Bacon anymore?

I mean even he's pissed he hasn't had his picture taken in a while.  Well that and maybe forcing him to wear a Texas jersey in 90 degree weather.

My excuse, things have been busy over here---I've been broken up with (in the parking lot of XYZ no less) and I started hanging with someone new. Sure I was a little sad about the breakup-it took me about a whole 12 hours to get over.  And with the help of my meddling neighbor, it wasn't even a week before I was headed out with a tattooed, bearded (kind of--scruff counts as bearded, right?), ginger.  Do my neighbors and friends know me or what?!  The downfall, Ginger (as we shall call him) is moving to Chicago next month.  So it's a finite period of fun and I am taking full advantage of it. 


Fizzgig said...

what the heck does chicago have that cleveland doesn't?

Jane said...

Bacon is so cute. Just remind him that all Longhorns must sometimes make sacrifices. He'll understand. Hook 'em.