taking lawn bowling to a whole new level

I have this space behind my garage that is just a bunch of rocks right now but it could be the perfect spot for this.  Seriously...how awesome would this be?! I promise I would invite you over for backyard bowling and beers.  My neighbor will have a fire.  And he will make you drink whiskey with him. The neighbor across the street will bust out the potato launcher. See all the fun that could be had?!

Side note, I love Pinterest.  I could kind of care less about the recipes. I mean they are awesome and all to look at but I am not going to make 1% (or even 0.1%) of the stuff I see on there.  And I am not a DIYer. I was actually just talking to a friend about this...I don't have the patience to paint let alone repurpose wooden pallets in to something amazing or retile a bathroom (that's actually laughable).  But it's sure fun to look at.  And dream.  And think about who I can bribe in to doing crap like this for me.


Fizzgig said...

i live off of other people's pinterest ideas....i don't have the energy to join tho.

having an outdoor bowling lane, would be flippin sweet! you'd have the best party house!!

Tina said...

Holy Hell! That is amazing, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be making my husband build this for me!