I have been so close to my 60 pound goal (60 is my stretch goal.  50 was the original goal.  65 is super stretch. 70 is Mother goal) for weeks now.  It’s been really hard to find the motivation lately.  Before it was easier because I still felt like a hoss.  I no longer feel like a hoss so there isn’t that negative motivation.  Because I felt like I needed a little push, I decided to suck it up and purchase the goal shoes.  And then force myself not to wear them until I actually reached my goal.  This is going to kill me.  I am the type of girl who wants to wear my new purchases RIGHT NOW.  I was the kid that wore fall sweaters on the first day of school because they were new and I liked them and I must WEAR THEM NOW.

So the shoes are right by the scale.  Right by the door in the room I go in to everyday to look in the mirror and get my shoes for the day. Essentially, the room is my shoe closet that happens to have an extra bed in it.  It’s only been a day since they have arrived and I want to wear them so badly.  So, because it works, no drinking this week.  I will be tracking everything, sticking to WW plan.  I will be working out like a fool and don’t you try and stop me. (Any up for spin on Sunday morning?  Are there classes on Easter?  Anyone want to swim on Saturday with me?)
Victory is 1 freaking pound away!!!!!!!

And when you see me in my shoes---give me a high 5


Fizzgig said...

i admire your sincere dedication to not wearing your goal shoes. id have thrown the goal out the window and worn the shoes!!!

congrats on all your hard work lady, i know, this is not an easy task!!

Bite Buff said...

Virtual high five!

Heather said...

Those shoes are amazing.
I'll swim with you!

Kristin said...

um those shoes are gorgeous!!!

i am on the wait list for spin on sunday morning (8am) so if i get in, ill ride right next to you and say ridiculous embarassing things like "do it for the shoes", etc. haha.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

dude, i'm so happy for you.

no joke you inspire me!!(i know that sounds cheesy but i don't care)

Allison M. said...


I'll buy you a vodka/water when you reach your goal but you must wear the shoes. That's got to be low WW points right?

@billablebarbie said...

I freaking love those shoes! I was thinking of buying them as my reward for reaching my pre-baby weight (15 lbs of *cough* 58 *cough* to go).


Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

great motivation I love the sparkles!

Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

great motivation I love the sparkles!