Happy Hunger Games

Last night/this morning I was among the of masses of teenage girls (and like 10 teenage boys) who were at the 12:01 showing of Hunger Games.  Except I am not a teenager.  And I am old and crabby and like sleep.  But anyway the movie was great even if I am now so tired I can barely function.  I actually really liked it and I almost fell asleep only once but that wasn't because it was boring or anything but because I am old and crabby and really like sleep.
 My only complaint is Lenny Kravitz as Cinna was a tad disappointing.  I LOVE me some Lenny (odd I know because he is neither ginger nor bearded but he is hot) but he isn't a good actor and I guess I expected a little bit more flare from him.  
So who wants to go see it again with me?


Fizzgig said...

I'm waiting for a redbox rental.....I liked logans run, and the island, and I am still under the impression its the same thing...but I guess people who love this series say it is not! lol

CLEshopaholic said...

Yeah but he does experiment with facial hair.