a cat needs a bicycle like...

Do you read WTFOREVER21?  No?  You’re kind of missing out.  There was a post about what not to wear on NYE that made me snort not once, but twice.  (I mean all her posts aren’t all gems but then again, not all my posts are winners either…get over it)  anyway while perusing WTF21, I came across this bicycle cat sweat-shirt.  

Seriously, I think that all that is between me and a new makeout friend is a kitschy nude sweatshirt of a cat with a giant head on a bike. Maybe it would be the ice breaker I apparently need to talk to cute boys in the bar (unless of course they are still living in their parents’ house, I have been there and done that. And where in the hell are all the men with jobs, and cars that don’t have the exhaust system sitting on their front passenger seats, and maybe a place of their own?!)….
Internet, you have until the 21st to get this to my doorstep (since that’s when I will be hitting the bars again) .

I checked…it’s still available, kind of like me. 

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Fizzgig said...

I need to forward you "the douchebag list" its a list of questions compiled by me and my other dating friend, that includes things such as "do you have a car" "do you decorate with a native american, or sports motiff" "are you dependant on drugs" "do you have a job" I remember a time when the basics were a given, and especially at my age, but I'm so suprised at how many guys dont have a car, a job, a place of their own, or even a couch.

As jealous as I am of the few people I know in actual "happy, healthy" relationships...there are far more jealous of me as I proclaim at the end of the day "I'm going home to watch my tivo'd shows, drink some wine, and not clean up after anyone"

Single isn't so bad.

Enjoy it while it lasts lady! Happy 2012!!