Sunday Bacon

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Now go snuggle with your loved ones.


what's your return policy for silverware?

I thought turning 35 was a sure sign that I was old.  Like holy shit when did 35 happen?!  Like OMG what happened to my ass?!  It didn't always look like that, did it?!  And when did my boobs start looking like that?! But it wasn't seeing my ass in the mirror or my age written down that made me feel old....nope, it was this year's Christmas gift that arrived yesterday.  The gift was one of my silverware place settings and some matching serving utensils.  Yep.  That was it, that's the thing that officially made me feel old.  One it made me realize my everyday silverware comes in place settings....it's not plastic, it's not mismatched, it's like real grown up people silverware.  And two, that my mom thought of all the things I might need/want she chose to buy me silverware.  No stocking stuffed with nail polish and make-up and goofy socks.  No fun piece of technology all the kids are getting these days.  
Nope-silverware! And serving pieces!


and people wonder why I am single....

Saturday, after a little mattress shopping, I decided to come home and vegetate on the couch with some magazines.  And yes, I am the crazy dog lady that subscribes to Modern Dog.  Don't judge me.  And if you are judging, well suck it, because I really don't care.  
Here are some of the things I really want:

Morrison Hotel mini print note cards (featuring celebrities like Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, and Patti Smith all with animals)

A stuffed toy Bacon would be sure to destroy in less than 10 minutes but I still want it for my hipster pup.

Collars and leashes that are able to be personalized from Dog Gone It.

And because I not only am a crazy dog lady but I am also the crazy running blogger lady these days....
A reflective vest for Bacon!

In case you were worried, I did go out on Saturday night.


Sunday Bacon

Ugly Christmas sweater...check.
'tis the season.



I have seen this before and I might have even posted it before but I am WAY TOO LAZY to dig around for that post this morning.  But I recently stumbled across it again and decided I could really use this these days.  I think this sort of document would make things so much easier-way funnier than just passing a note saying "Do you like me?...check yes or no".  (though there is the nostalgia factor with those notes)  
I have someone I would like to pass this note to....suggested activities would be kissing and copulating.  None if this knot-tying and growing old BS (that would be an added bonus if the kissing and copulating were enjoyable).  And replying with enthusiasm is the only response.  

I should totally print it out, complete it, fax it to my e-fax and then email it to them.  
Maybe I could just tell them I want to make out with them....that might be easier.


Sunday Bacon

I am glad this nugget is around for the days I wake up feeling like I am getting sick and feeling sorry for myself in other ways because he always makes me feel loved.  

(And, that wonky eye is really nuts in this photo)


'tis the season

Cleveland Foodie is sponsoring one of the best give-aways/contests/drawings out there.  One, it involves a donation to a great cause---Veggie U.  Two, with every $5 donation get you another entry to win more than $2000 in gift cards to some great Cleveland spots. (see list below)
You have from now until December 23rd at NOON to donate and be entered. Three winners will be picked on the 24th---and I totally hope I am one of them.  To donate and be entered to win, just call 419.499.7500 M-F, 9a.m. – 5 p.m.; you must reference Cleveland Foodie. OR, you can now donate online right here.
Seriously, who wouldn't want to go to these spots?!

For more info, head on over to Cleveland Foodie.


sh!t, another running post?!

Seriously, didn't I just say I wasn't going to talk about running, running, and more running.  Well, I am back with one more running post.  Why?!  Because I want to brag a little bit and two, how else were you going to see the best costume I have ever seen at a race (unless of course we're Facebook friends and then you already saw it.  You probably saw the other fun fact too so go ahead and stop reading now...)

Seriously, it's like Randy Quaid came in from Canada or where ever he's been spending his crazy time at to run a 5k in Cleveland. And now that I have FINALLY watched Christmas Vacation, I know who this guy is dressed as -shitter was full. The best part, that's a full beer.  And it was like 9:30 am at this point.  I love this guy!

And now to the part where I am gonna brag a bit...I PR'd my previous fastest 5k time by 3:57.  Since last May, I dropped almost four minutes from my 5k time.  This is what my watch told me I ran the Reindeer Run in:

Official chip time: 26:22.  That's an 8:30 pace?!  Who the fuck am I?
Even my mom was finally impressed with my running (if you think I am a harsh critic, you should meet that lady.  I learned from the master).

Luckily for everyone involved, there are no more races for the year so the running posts should be kept to a minimum for at least a couple of months.

Sunday Bacon

Who doesn't love a wonky eye???