guess what I do for adventure? I hang glide on a Dorito

I love these two little videos.  They are just too cute for words.

Guess why I smile a lot?  Because it's worth it.


let's get physical

Believe me, I kind of want to kick my own ass.  I didn't drink like a fish on Thanksgiving eve because I had to wake up early and run (I still drank...a lot...just not as much as I really wanted to).  I ran 5 miles on Thanksgiving...for fun and without the police chasing me.  And I might have experience a delayed runner's high when I checked the official times later that day.  I have worked out 6 of the last 7 days.  Black Friday, I bought new workout t-shirts for myself (and besides the ridiculous amount of nail polish I purchased, that might have been the only thing I bought).  I spend more time than I want to admit browsing the fitness section of Pinterest.  Friday afternoon I was fussy from a really shitty meal at B-Spot and so I decided the best cure for that was a run (after I had already worked out that morning).  

I have always kind of disliked the people who were workout freaks (after college that is when I stopped swimming twice a day) and not because I am jealous but because I don't think they have a good balance of fun and working out.  And for the record, I don't really consider working out fun though it does make me feel better.  Maybe I feel like I have been having too much fun so I need to work out like a crazy person to offset the amount of different Christmas ales I have been consuming.  Either way, I am not sure what is up with my insane workout habits of late (I did break the plateau so it's not all because of that.) If I start blogging about running, running, and more running---someone smash my iPod, hide the Garmin, and steal the laces from my running shoes.  And if you ever hear the words "gluten free" come out of my mouth, just take me out back and shoot me.


two things I like

Fonts and Cleveland Landmarks.

I know these have been around for a while but they are no less awesome.  
I wish I could find some prints of these because they would be added to all of the existing Cleveland art work in my house.  And they would be awesome in my pink office.  Here are just a few of my favorites...

images from Type City Cleveland.


Sunday Bacon

My man.  He's so handsome and I love him even if he destroys toys in seconds flat, throws up rawhide on my white bedroom carpet (who puts white carpet in a bedroom?! Assholes that's who), and wakes me up at 4 am because he has to poop. 
Happy Sunday folks!


it's time to start the music, it's time to light the lights

I loved this movie.  
I might have even cried a few times.  So did my friend Jessica.  So did her 6 year old little boy.
I mean if you can watch Kermit and Miss Piggy sing The Rainbow Connection and not tear up even a little bit either you have no idea who The Muppets are (and you kind of suck) or you have a cold, cold heart (and you suck).


Things I am thankful for....

Post Thanksgiving Day edition.

I am thankful I ran an awesome (for me) Turkey Trot.  I wasn't really feeling the run before it happened.  I stayed up late drinking with family, friends, and neighbors.  Then I stayed up even later watching American Horror Story (HOLY CRAP TATE!  We're so fighting right now. Add American Horror Story to the things I am thankful for too.) Then the race was packed and I ran in to an old friend who I ran with for a bit and then I decided to just run.  I stopped to take a few photos but I was just enjoying the whole scene.  I was jammin' to my music.  I was people watching.  So imagine my surprise when I finished with a 9:17 pace.  Holy fuck balls.  That is hella fast for me.  And I felt awesome.  

I am thankful it was a beautiful day!  
And the Factory of Sadness had no sadness going on.

I am thankful for this nugget.  And his cuddles.  And the spooning.

I am thankful for great friends to spend Thanksgiving with.  My family did our Turkey on Wednesday and my mom is in Florida until April so I spent the day at Jess and Marc's.  And I am thankful Marc used a Rambo knife to carve the turkey.

I am thankful for Christmas Ale Season.  The more the merrier.

I am thankful for Starbucks coffee and this cute little mug I picked up. I wish I had a scooter but until then, I will have to settle for a scooter mug.

I am even kind of thankful that Ulta was open this morning after my workout (yes, I technically was shopping at 6:30 and I felt like an asshole but they were open so I took advantage but I hate myself a little for it) so I was able to get a crap ton of new nail polish.

I am thankful my friend has children who I can go see The Muppet Movie with so I don't have to be the creepy old lady going to see it by myself.  (Jason Segel, I am thankful for you too.  And your full frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.)  
And I am thankful for so much more. 
Happy Thanksgiving---a day later.


yep, this exists

Now I love bacon, a lot.  And I can get behind a few of the random bacon flavored products but I am not so sure how I feel about this one.  Do you really want those parts to taste like bacon?


I think I have only been in an upright position for an hour today

Here are our best Blue Steel impressions

Holy hangover and lazy Sunday.  Yep, it's 7pm and I am still in my pajamas.  I finally washed off last night's makeup about an hour ago.  It's been a rough day.  
Last night started with Christmas Ale in the basement of Great Lakes.  And then it was more drinks and dinner (if you want to call a few olives and 2 crab cakes dinner.  I should have ordered more food----fail on my part. )  Next up, TINA'S.  It was already busy when we got there and only seemed to get busier.  There were also some local celebrities spotted there---Alexa, Allison, and Seanski! There were entirely too many beers and shots at this point.  Hence the pajamas at 7pm the next day.  It was a great night and thankfully Jessica and Marc's birthdays only come around once a year.  

Side note: reading your text messages from the night before is something you should not do until the hangover has completely worn off.  You might just make yourself sick reading that your response to someone offering to pick you up and drive you home was you sending a request for them to take you to boom city.  And then having to explain what boom city was. 


um, I think not

So Bradley Cooper was named People Magazine's SEXIEST Man Alive

Um, he's pretty but he isn't all that.  


Sunday Bacon

Both the Buckeyes and the Browns----Bacon is PISSED!!!!


no more yanky my wanky

Saturday night I met some friends up at the Winking Lizard to celebrate a birthday.  The Spazmatics were playing and it might have been a really fun evening if the birthday boy wasn't so obnoxiously drunk. The crowd was a weird mix of middle aged people and college age people and they had the ability to make me feel old and young at the same time.  Anyway, just setting the stage for a conversation that happened that made me think...I was chatting with another friend about younger men (and my recent attraction to them for some unknown reason) when the band started to play Simple Minds' Don't You Forget About Me.  Then question was asked: Do you think he (younger man of the moment) knows who John Hughes is? I thought to myself and then might have said: Oh shit!  I hope so. God, if he doesn't, can I still like him?!  Well...he doesn't know who John Hughes is.  I had to name off a few of John Hughes' movies to him ---to which he responded that he had never seen Pretty in Pink.  Or all of the Breakfast Club.  But he has seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off. 
So the answer the earlier question of can I still like him is a no. This might be harsh.  This might be over-reacting.  I spent a lot of time wishing I was Molly Ringwald back in the day.  And if a guy doesn't even understand why "Oh Sexy Girlfriend" makes me giggle, well then, we have nothing in common and I can't (shouldn't) make out with him.

I bet he doesn't even know the correct answer to "What do you wanna do with your life?" is "I wanna ROCK!" either.


Sunday Bacon

Like mother, like son!

My nugget loves him some pumpkin ale--or beer of any kind for that matter.  He's a teenager now so he's doing what teenagers do...experimenting.  At least he isn't drinking MGD like I did in my teen years.  He's classin' it up with a New Holland Ichabod pumpkin ale.  We fancy!


you play fantasy what?!

Not sure when it happened, but I became that girl who plays Fantasy Football.  I don't even watch that much football anymore so I picked players based on if I had heard of them in some way shape or form.  They might have dated someone from reality television (Jay Culter, I am talking about you.  You too Reggie Bush---so what you dated Kim Kardashian) or they might have played for Ohio State (Santonio Holmes, looking at you buddy) or I let auto draft pick them up.  Well needless to say, my team SUCKS!!!  After a few weeks in, I finally came to the realization of just how bad my team was (still is--that's what happens when you pick B list players based on relationships with B list celebrities) and decided I would amend my goal.  My new goal was going to be to lose every game.  I can't even do that right----last week I won my first game.  I didn't even play a kicker. 


when can I move in?

I have read Design*Sponge for a while now and I kind of love it.  I just recently bought the book Design*Sponge at Home) too.  So imagine my surprise when I see a friend's house on the website. 
 Go Charity!!! 
Now she just needs to come over and help me with my house!

Photo stolen from Design*Sponge.  Can we talk about this bedroom turned in to a closet?!  Charity is shutting it down!  I die!


I've hit a plateau and I am pissed about it

Three weeks in a row, no weight lost. It was bound to happen eventually---44 pounds down without one was a little too good to be true but I know it's because there have been more dinners out, more beers consumed, more junk eaten, even more beer consumed.  Shit needs to get back on track.  The wheels need to go back on the bus.  I can't possibly work out enough to offset the fun I am having.  I need to go back to obsessively weighing myself.  I need to go back to being super strict about my point intake and tracking.  I need to stop drinking so much.  Damn!

Sunday Bacon---Halloween style

Don't go in the water!  There is a shark on the loose. 

Happy post Halloween!