commitment to the hug

This past week, an old friend came over to help me with some stuff around the house. He came over to help and ended up spending a few hours working in my house--changing light switches and outlets. He wouldn't take any money for it...I paid him in some beer though but felt bad because it wasn't nearly enough. Anyway, as he was leaving he gave me a hug. It had to have been the best hug I have gotten in a long ass time.
Yes, I realize how sad my life is if a hug is that exciting to warrant it's own blog post. But seriously, it was that good a hug. There was commitment to the hug. The right amount of strength. Not too long to be creepy, but not short enough to be like the half assed ones you give people. This was all upper body parts touching kind of hug.

So yes, a hug got it's own blog post. Wow, my life is a thrill a minute.


I like your beard

Saturday night I went to a Halloween party where there was a circus theme.  I was a bearded lady. 
After leaving the party, I met up with some friends for additional cocktails and so they could share in the beard love.  Who doesn't love a good beard?


Sunday Bacon

Bacon loves October almost as much as I do.
My baby turned 2 this past week...so I tortured him with clothing.


you're gonna die in there

Please tell me you are watching this?  
Seriously, please tell me you are watching this.  I totally need to talk to someone about how amazing and messed up at the same time this show is.  So far I have watched every episode at least 2 times.  One time to watch it and the second time to try an figure out what the hell is going on.  And even after the second time, I'm still not sure I know what's going on but I can't wait for the next episode.  
I love my Gossip Girl and my Real Housewives and Happy Endings but this show is kind of amazing and not just because Connie Britton's hair is the things dreams are made of or the fact we've seen Dylan McDermott's naked behind a few times. That last part might be a really good reason to watch it though...just sayin'.


who knew she was a Jenna Lyons fan?!

For my birthday, we went to dinner at Dante and then headed over to Tina's for a little (or a lot of cheap) beer and some jello shots. Too bad the jello shot maker didn't make it and there were no jello shots.  Tina's fail!  
While there were no jello shots to be had, there was this gem of an outfit. 
Black shirt, pink shirt, socks, and booties?!  Wow!

Too bad a couple of days later, while looking through my newest J.Crew catalog, I saw this:
Black shirt, pink shirt, socks, and booties?!  
Holy fuck.  
Who knew I was the asshole when I was making fun of the lady at Tina's outfit?!


Sunday Bacon

Yesterday, my new love seat was delivered (and then the delivery guys made their way over to Allison's new place-totally random and proof that Cleveland is a small town).  That back room is ALMOST done.  Just need a small coffee table and some artwork.  Bacon isn't so sure about he feels about the room.

I think he prefers cuddling on the living room couch with me.

I am finishing up birthday weekend with a mean hangover and the promise of some Melt.  


when did I get so old?!

Today I turn 35.  
And to be honest, I am not all that excited about it.  Now I have to check the 35-40 box when giving my age range.  That's freaking old!!!  When did this happen?!  I swear it was just yesterday I was turning 30 but nope. Now I am pretty sure I am a cougar.
34 was kind of a big year--I bought my first house, broke up with Jeep after 18 years and bought a Subaru, lost 40+ pounds (and still working on more).  
I hope that 35 is just as good to me. 


Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya...

Have you seen this photo floating around the inter webs?!
How I love this movie.  Even after all this time, it's still one of my favorites.  It combines some of my favorite things: an 80's wrestler (I was in love with WWF back in the 80's so Andre the Giant in this movie was like the greatest), a cute boy (Carey Elwes-Oh he was so pretty in this movie), a funny man (Billy Crystal-for some odd reason I really liked him back in the day), catchy one-liners, and love, true love (aka a sappy love story).

image found here.



The other night I bribed my friend, Dennis, to come over and put together my IKEA purchase.  How I love you cheap Swedish furniture but how I HATE to put you together.  Seriously my ADD kicks in to full effect and I get distracted and the task that should take an hour takes like 4 days.  

 Bacon even helped a little. And by helped, I mean, he tore apart all the styrofoam.  Which is awesome to clean up by the way-even with the Dyson the old Suzanne who owned my house left for me.  

Dennis is my IKEA hero.  Let me know if you have any IKEA furniture you don't want to put together yourself and I will be happy to loan him out. (for a small fee of course)
Too bad he too lives in his parents' house. 


just a simple request

Dear Universe---

If you are going to send a man my direction, can you please make sure that he doesn't still live with his parents?! I am going to be 35 on Saturday and am entirely too old to deal with that.
I can handle divorced. I can handle kids from a previous relationship. I can handle roommates. I can handle younger. I can handle a number of things that 5 years ago I wasn't able to handle but seriously, I am not asking for a lot here.



Sunday Bacon

Sunday Bacon aka Why So Emo?
looking back at the photos I have taken of Bacon recently, I realized this pup just looks so freaking sad---all he needs are some dark glasses, some skinny jeans, and a couple of tattoos to complete his emo look. I think the shorter days are getting to him.  Or maybe he just really doesn't like the newest Owl City release.  

We're in for a long winter, nugget.  But this Indian Summer has been fantastic.


Sunday Bacon

I stinking love this pup!  
Especially when he's in this state.

otherwise known as it seemed like a good idea at the time

Fatty Natty!
Maybe it was the 3 Kentucky Bourbon Ales.  Maybe it was the chocolate covered pretzel shot. Or maybe it was the fatty natty.  Maybe, it was all three that allowed me to play the "why did I take my pants off here?!" game as well as the "where in the hell is my bra?" game. 
I love to wake up after a night of drinking and try to figure out why I was taking my clothes off in random spots in the house.  Sure my pants are in the basement...my bra is in the spare bedroom but my shirt is in the kitchen?! Oh and I am by myself?!  Makes perfect sense.