to that great big spider web in the sky

I am a murderer.  A spider killer.  It's true.  It was Suzanne in the back yard with a can of hairspray and a broom.  

Last Friday, I had decided that Bertha had to go.  Enough was enough.  She was a spider after all, not a beloved cuddly pet like Mr. Bacon.  Also, my neighbors weren't psyched about 100's and 100's of babies to be just like her and I can't say that I blame them.  Bertha was cool.  She was a little bit fascinating.  But she was keeping me from my garage when the power was out (which it was out from Wednesday around midnight until Saturday afternoon---MISERABLE) because that door is the only one that can be opened when there is no power.  And her web was filled with bugs and looking a hot mess.  Oh, and she didn't eat the bugs I most wished she would---MOSQUITOS.  That's like getting a cat that doesn't eat mice-what the heck else are they good for?!
I won't get all Dexter on you and give you the graphic details on how I did the deed.  Just know it was quick.  
RIP Bertha 2011-2011.


Sunday Bacon

It's been a really weird week (but also kind of fun and that's what makes it even weirder) and I am glad it's over.  After a phone conversation on Tuesday night, I wanted to hide under the covers and not come out for a minute.  I gave myself a day, and got the fuck over it.

On a happier note, my back room is all but done.  They just need to install the carpet and that's already scheduled.  It's only been since March that there has been a gaping hole in the ceiling.  Now what do I do with the room?!


Bertha update! This one's a big one

All of you who wanted your own Bertha may actually get the chance because I am gonna be a grandma!
My little girl is all grown up and having kids of her own.  I feel so old.

I was told I didn't really give any indication to exactly how big she is...let's just say that sac is larger than a gumball. 


Happy Monday

You know you are going to have a bad day when it starts with you waking up at 4am to take the dog out because he isn't feeling well (I guess we all weren't feeling our best and brightest yesterday), and you step in runny dog poop.  In your bare feet.  
Lesson learned-first turn on the lights before walking around barefoot. 
Happy Monday!


Sunday Bacon

I have been a bad blogger.  It's embarrassing when it's two Sunday Bacon posts in a row.
Monday I hurt my back and had to leave work to do a whole lot of nothing at home.  This is when I started Hunger Games.  And just like when I read Twilight, I kind of forgot I had a blog.  Or that I needed sleep.  Or that I had thoughts about anything other than the books.  
Then there was also some fun wrapped in to the week---happy hours, birthday party, golfing with the neighbor ladies, block party.  The picture above it from the one SINGLE photo I took of the whole block party (and it's of my damn dog...what the hell is wrong with me?!)  

Also this week, I got a new pet.  Her name is Bertha.  She eats lots and lots of flies.  I am completely fascinated by her.  No joke, I am outside looking at her all up close and personal a few times a day.  (I did my internet research and she's a good spider...that why she gets to stay) Neighbors came over to look at her during the block party.  She's that freaking cool. 


Sunday Bacon

Bacon wants you to be on the lookout for Biggie.  
If you know anyone in the Vermilion area, please tell them to be on the lookout for the little 7 pound wonder that is Biggie. I can't even imagine what Heather and family are going through-my heart goes out to them.  

ETA: Biggie has been found!  Biggie has been found!!!


I'm addicted to ya babe...You're a hard habit to break

I tend to be a tad bit obsessive compulsive about things. Everything has a place and everything in its place. But that’s not to say my house is perfectly organized or always tidy. I would just prefer it to be that way. Also, I may or may not coordinate my pen at work to what I am wearing…or maybe it’s not matching but a complimentary color. Yes, I am anal like that. Does this make me crazy? Not so much. I don’t need to check to make sure my door is locked six times before I can leave the house and I don’t have to wash my hands three times before I leave the bathroom or anything like that. I mentioned before that I have become obsessive about weighing myself. Back story: back in April I joined Weight Watchers and I have lost 27.6 pounds since then. Yes, those decimal points are important to me at this point. No, I don’t go to meetings, I do all my tracking online. (I report my weekly weight loss to a few friends who lovingly check in with me. I am not accountable to them, they just check in.) I weigh myself at home “officially” every Tuesday morning. Unofficially, I weigh myself like 30 times a day. OK, maybe it’s more like 20 but that really consists of 4 or 5 or 6 different weigh-ins a day stepping on and off at least 3 times every time (I just want to make sure it doesn’t change). Yes, I know this makes me crazy-it’s a slippery slope to counting my steps, checking to make sure every label in the pantry is going the same way, washing my hands every 10 min and wiping down the sink before I use it. Yes, I know I am not supposed to do this. Yes, I know your weigh fluctuates throughout the day. Yes, I know all these things. What I also know, due to this obsession, is exactly how much my weight fluctuates in a day. I know what I should be at weight wise first thing in the morning, after a workout, after work, and before bed and possibly a few other times during the day. I know what my workout clothes weigh. I know how much I sweat during a workout. And, I know how much a good poop weighs. What?! TMI? Don’t tell me you have never stepped on the scale and after a good quality poop gotten back on that scale to see how much less you weigh now. I know you are lying.

image found here.


I'm slick like Rick.

This past weekend, I ran in the corporate challenge for some other company other than my own.  And I was hella hungover.  After a great night of food and lots of wine at Gatherings Kitchen and then some beers with the neighbor boys, I work up early to go run a mile in the heat and humidity.  (Now, I have NO idea why anyone would actually pick me to run on their team, with a 10 min mile and all.  They must have been desperate.  Whatever...my 10 min mile became an 8:40 or something along those lines on Saturday. But that's not the point of this story.)  What I wasn't prepared with was water.  Luckily I saw a guy that I know who was carrying a nice full water bottle.  So I asked him for some water...he, reluctantly (jerk), gave me his water bottle.  Where I proceeded to take a GIANT gulp and then at that very second tried to inhale at the same time.  Yeah, that didn't work so well.  I proceeded to choke, throw up, and shoot water out of my nose all at the same time.  In front of this boy.  Who it cute.  After that display of awesome, I just walked away.  I mean, how do you recover from just throwing and shooting water our your nose?! If he wasn't impressed by me before, he totally should be now.   Well that and my under 9 min mile.  

image from google.


Sunday Bacon

Not sure why he's so emo this weekend.  You would think the endless supply of dog treats and cuddles would be enough for him.  Maybe he's just mad that the days are getting shorter--when really he should be excited for fall clothes.  The change of season means a fall collar/harness combo for him.  It also means he is forced to wear his Browns jersey again.  Sorry Bacon Bit.  


more Austin. yeah, baby!

You know what you don't see in my yard in Cleveland.  This:

Not sure what that is?  Well here's another angle for you.

Still not sure?  Well it's part of the head and spinal cord of a small deer that my aunt and uncle found in their yard.  Yes, like in the middle of the grass.  Now the rattle snake on the deck that bit my uncle a year or two ago might have been enough to scare the shit out of me but now random deer parts in the grass.  Oh hell no! I am too much a city girl to deal with deer parts.  Hell, I have to call the neighbors over to help me move dead birds out of my yard.  This was not the first deer part they found in the yard either-a couple of days before this showed up there was another skull and a part of a leg with the fur and hoof still on it. Their dog, Mojo, found himself a real treat and was chewing on it.  They have a lot of coyotes in their neighborhood, that's where the pieces and parts are coming from.  Ick!  

I guess it's a small price to pay for this:

Thankfully, I'll just visit once a year and I'll let them deal with the deer parts.


Getting my fatty on

Austin has some amazing food.  I thought Cleveland was kind of awesome but in all reality, it doesn't hold a candle to the food scene going on in Austin.  Yes, Cleveland has some great spots.  But Austin is a food lovers paradise.  There are some amazing restaurants all over the city and there are food trucks all over the place-random ones on busy streets, mini little trailer parks of food trucks, and some hidden gems tucked away where only people in the know (or with the Eat St app) would be able to find them. 
Saturday night, we had amazing dinner at Barley Swine, where the manager is from Ohio (Warren to be exact, north east Ohio represent). While finishing up our dinner he chatted with us about the restaurant and stuff and we chatted about food bloggers in Austin vs. food bloggers in Cleveland  (let's just say food bloggers in Austin aren't able to throw their "weight" around to get in and get a table any faster and surely aren't getting any freebies from Barley Swine. Also, I didn't see a single person taking photos of their meal anywhere--odd.)  
Anyway, after an amazing dinner, we headed over to Gourdough's.  It's a donut food truck.  RIGHT?!
 Heaven.  On. Wheels.
As we were leaving at 1am (1am?!), we heard them tell a girl ordering that it was going to be a 45 min wait for their donuts.  This place is the like food trailer equivalent of Melt. 

Here are the donuts we tried:

Flying Pig---bacon with maple syrup icing.  
Oddly enough, this isn't the one I got. Look at all that bacon!

Funky Monkey-grilled banana with cream cheese icing and brown sugar.  
(My aunt couldn't wait until I took the photo to dig in.  She ate half the bananas before I had a chance to snap a photo)

Sara's Joy-coconut flavored filling with fresh coconut and fudge icing.
This is the one I got.  It was amazeballs.  So not good for you but so delicious.  I didn't even attempt to count the WW points on this one.  I kind of chalked Saturday up to a free for all eating day and this was sooooooo worth it.

I tried Hey Cupcake! earlier in the day (I said it was a free for all) and it didn't hold a candle to the donuts from Gourdough's.  If you find yourself in Austin, and you aren't a diabetic, please make your way over to Gourdough's and try one of their donuts.  You blood sugar won't thank you, but your belly will.

There are so many other places I tried but this one deserved it's own post.

movin' right along

While I was away, my neighbor sent me a message that she didn't know people would be working on my house while I was gone. Oops!  I thought I told her but I think I told the other neighbors and maybe her husband.  Well, she marched right up to them and demanded to know who they were and make sure they weren't cleaning out all of my worldly possessions.  One of the workers said she had some real balls.  Side note, I love my neighbors.
But this is what I came home to.

Yay, progress!

See all that new wood?!  yeah.  There might have been some rotted wood up there.  And some missing supports, but that's all fixed now-feel free to hang out on the deck upstairs without falling through to this room. I guess I was also housing a LARGE colony of carpenter ants but they are all gone now too.  I have the house all to myself this morning and I have the sudden urge to belt out All By Myself (don't wanna be all by myself).

It's only taken since March to get this show on the road.