Sunday Bacon

Mr. Bacon is staying with grandma while I am away.  
The day before I left, we had lots and lots of cuddle time.  
I miss my nugget.
But this little lady, kept me company.


I need a life that needs these shoes

From Ann Taylor, of all places--totally random and pretty edgy for Miss Ann.
I had to try them on.  And I am wearing workout clothes with them.  Totally perfect choice to go with these.  
I love the shoes but where in the world would I wear them?!


a pool is a terrible thing to waste

I took one of these (two actually) 
to get to this
 Now, I am happy.  And hot.  It's over 100 degrees here in Austin.  


Sunday Bacon

He must know I am going on vacation this week because he wants to spend every minute with me. 
Even though he can be such a little shit, I love this man.

Here's to a 2 day work week, the NKOTBSB concert, and AUSTIN!  


Reason #8,346,892 why I shouldn't be able to use technology when I have been drinking

Before drinking is questionable. After drinking is down right irresponsible.

For example, Wednesday, I saw my friend post a picture next to a Christmas Ale sign. So I happily invited myself to join him and his wife for a Christmas Crack or two. Two was all I needed to do damage. My Facebook update read "Mmmmm...Christmas Ale. Next up, bad decisions." So true, so true. They could have been worse but in this case those bad decisions involved Facebook stalking and Facebook emailing. And just in case you didn't know, NO! You cannot recall an unread Facebook email.

Did I email that gentleman I flirt with sometimes via text? Nope.
Did I email that ex man friend who I thought had a girlfriend but now I am not so sure does after a few late night IM's from him? Well, maybe, but that's not who I am talking about here.

Did I friend request a boy I was in love with back in the day? Nope, not this time.

No, I emailed a guy who I thought was the guy who used to work at a gas station I used to stop at back in 1993. Yeah, a guy from a gas station 18 years ago!!! I won't get in to the details about how we have mutual friends, that I didn't know were mutual friends, and his name showed up on the people you may know thing so I really didn't go searching for him. But that revelation doesn't make this story any better. I still emailed a guy from a gas station that used to sell me cigarettes when I was underage.

And the icing on the cake, having a Christmas crack hangover on a 90+ degree day and getting an email back from the gas station attendant.

What's next?! Drunken Facebooking my 7th grade teacher? I think I saw their name online recently.

image found here.


pure and simple every time

Super extra bonus points if you recognized the title of this post is from a song.  If you didn't get the extra credit, do you remember the band The Lightning Seeds?  And the song Pure?  There, I gave you the answer.

So I showed you a ridiculous up close, unflattering photo of my face--clearly not my finest moment.  I have always had blackheads, and oily skin, and large pores, and rosacea.  The rosacea is a problem that has really reared it's head in the last few years and I have to use a prescription cream for it and combine it with my skin becoming sensitive, I needed to change up my cleaner.  I have tried every cleanser under the sun from drugstore to department--I found Aveeno to be my best friend until I found cleansing oil.  I have realized the best way to fight oil is with oil-currently it's Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mineral Oil-Free Cleaning Oil.  My skin situation has seriously improved with the addition of this little baby to the routine.  A little goes a long way and my skin is happier for it.

I have paid for this product, will continue to pay for this product.  I just love it a lot and wanted to shout about it.


hello, my name is Suzanne and I am addicted to Pinterest.

There is no easy way to say this other than I am addicted to Pinterest.  When I am bored and not obsessively checking facebook or twitter (or weighing myself--seriously no joke, this is getting in to problem territory but that's a post for another day), I am most likely repinning stuff on Pinterest.  I get very annoyed when the iphone app isn't working because then what am I supposed to do with my time.  So please be my friend, give me something to look at, feed my addiction....and follow my boards.


It's a Veggie U lovefest up in here

Usually, I am fussing about something or someone who has irritated me.  Today is not going to be one of those days.  Today is going to be a warm mushy love fest of sunshine and rainbows and kittens (OK not kittens, but really adorable puppies).  

This past weekend, me and 14 other Clevelanders (mostly bloggers and a few significant others) took a van otherwise known as Jeff's Sexy Veggie Van out to Milan, OH for the Veggie U Food and Wine Celebration.  This was my first time attending and hopefully it won't be my last.  It was a great night full of great people, great food, great fun, and some not so great singing along to the radio.  (I like Hootie and the Blowfish and I am not ashamed to admit it---I only wanna be with you, oh) All in all, one of my favorite nights in Cleveland or with fellow Clevelanders.  Seriously folks, the food was amazing-and I will leave it up to other bloggers to tell you about the food and the event in more detail.  I didn't even get to try everything and I was stuffed and happy. It was hot as all get out and while I may have started out looking cute, I ended the night looking a little worse for wear with dirty feet, frizzy hair, and a sweaty face but I could have cared less because I had an amazing time.  One that you couldn't have planned or wished for anything more (except maybe to have fallen in love with a short, balding yet hairy, chef who would cook me delicious food and adore me forever but to wish for that on top of everything else would have just been greedy). 
And I possibly might have started or finished or somethinged a turf war with Bridget over the misters near the entrance.  No night is complete until there is a turf war.

Now a few years ago I would not have known these people let alone gotten in a van (a van with a possibly questionable tire) with them.  But thanks to the internet and the amazing group of Cleveland bloggers and a few people who decided that we needed to "network" or meet in person, I now consider these people my friends.  I know I am not alone in my gushing love for these bloggers...Katrina agrees with me (and from the retweet, so does Michelle)

I want to thank Farmer Lee Jones, Michelle V, Scott Kuhn of Washington Place Bistro for an amazing opportunity.  *We were given tickets to the Veggie U celebration at an event hosted by Washington Place Bistro and Michelle V.

Farmer Lee Jones and Ruth Reichl

Just some fan girls and Ruth Reichl

Words cannot fully express how much fun I had and how grateful I am to have these people as my friends. I am thankful for every opportunity I have been given as a result of this little blog.  The internet can be a beautiful place.  

Now someone needs to do something and piss me off, there is a little too much love up in here.


Sunday Bacon

I seriously love this nugget!  
We had both had a rough day and crashed out on the couch.  
I love puppy snuggles.

holy face!

I know that you are thinking, I'm dead sexy!
This is absolutely the most flattering photo once could take of themselves---no makeup, end of the day, super close up face shot.  And no, I didn't get in a fight.  I got bit by mosquitos.  Those two GLOWING red bumps on my face (the one making it look like I have a dip in is my favorite of the two.  I named them Sid and Nancy) are GIANT MOSQUITO BITES-after Benadryl too.  How awesome is this?  
This happens every time I get bit but I don't remember ever getting bit on my face before so luckily for you, I felt the need to share with the interwebs. 
Happy Giant Face Sunday to you! 


Wednesday Bacon

Someone isn't too happy with me.  
I think I am getting the stink eye and pouty face for bringing the neighbor's dog over so it wasn't alone while they are on vacation.  Or he could be mad because I left him home alone last night while I went out and had some fun with some fellow bloggers.  Or could he be as annoyed as I am but the rattling air vent? Maybe he's mad that since getting home today, I have neglected him while watching Secretariat (which if you haven't watched this, do it!  It's such a great movie).  
Or maybe it's all of the above. 


symptoms include mistaking legging for pants

If left untreated Uggs can spread...
I am not a candidate for this vaccine as I have already contracted Ugg Syndrome but I don't another woman to suffer if she doesn't need to.

Happy Friday.


I am a girl on a mission

And apparently, I want to kick my own ass.  

I have my eye on a prize and I guess I have a take no prisoners approach.  I just completed my first part of my goal aka Operation Frye Campus 14L in saddle.  You see, I really want a pair of Frye boots, boots like the ones my mom had in the 70's.  A pair like the ones I have photos of me wearing from the 70's but instead of them being knee high, they are hip high due to the fact I was 3 when the photos were taken.  (I might be old but I am not that old.)  The problem is, I have giant fatty calves.  Fatty boombalaty calves (they kind of go along with my amazing muffin top and breasts the size of toddler's heads).  So in order for me to purchase and then actually wear said boots, I need to lose some meat in the lower leg area.  And in order for this to happen, I actually need to lose weight all over.  You can't carry an oil barrel on twigs now, can you?  So I broke Operation Fry Campus 14L in to a three part series.  Part one has just been completed/accomplished.  Part two started today.  And to help me with Part 2, I decided that 5 days a week of working out wasn't enough.  Nope, I needed Jillian's help.  And holy crapola, this workout is no joke.  20 minutes of intense pain and sweating--and I work out.  
Please someone tell me it gets easier, right? Right?!

ugh, is it Tuesday already?

The long weekend is over.  Summer is half over (OK, not technically but everyone knows that the 4th of July is like the halfway point of the summer).  Half of my office is off today too.  I still have no idea why I worked Friday or scheduled myself for today.  I am just going to be stuck doing other people's work.  WAAAAAAAHHHHHH.  I don't want to go.  Don't make me.  

image found here


Sunday Bacon

Bacon is like a fish----eyes on the side of his head.  Sometimes I wonder how he sees the world.  
I need a hobby.


these kind of make me want to mail my bills instead of paying them online

It's not a secret that I am a nerd-I like nerdy things like boys with glasses and midcentury modern design and reading and shit.  These stamps are pretty freakin' cool.  If you're a nerd like me, you are running right out to get these.  
Buy them here, I already did.