oh, Justin

Justin, Justin, Justin...I have been saying for a while now that JT needs to make more music so he can go on tour again.  So I can see him in concert.  I went the last time when he was in Cleveland-Pink opened for him and the concert was pretty amazing. And I am pretty sure the guy of any girl that went to that show got lucky that night.  So yeah Justin, make some more music.

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Sunday Bacon

my little one trick pony

Bacon is showing off his one and only trick. 
 Unless you count being able to jump higher than waist level a trick, I just call it kind of annoying.  My neighbor, Johnny, calls it painful. (My waist level is Johnny's below the belt level.  Are you picking up what I am laying down? For all you slow kids out there, I am talking about balls.)


delay of game

Remember months ago I might have mentioned my roof was leaking.  Well since March my backroom has looked like this:

A really awesome design element if I do say so myself.  
Totally goes with the look I am trying to achieve in the house.
So FINALLY today, work on the roof started.  
And then stopped.  
Rain delay.

Looks like those railings are in great shape and totally doing their job.
Don't fall!

I am actually so excited for the work to start on this roof that I want to pee a little bit.  
Now you can tell any single boys you know that a new roof really gets me hot.


Sunday Bacon

Sometimes he so cute, I just want to make out with him.  
But that's not OK.  
So instead I post photos of him on the internet so other people want to make out with him too--then I am not alone.


are you crav'ing some vodka?

 A couple of weeks ago, I was invited along with some other local peeps to check out a new vodka from Cleveland boy, Thomas Rini, at Pier W.  It was a nice night and the vodka was tasty.  

The evening started with Tom telling us a little bit about himself, his ties to Cleveland, and his unique vodka.  It's unique because instead of being distilled multiple times, Crav is only distilled once in a four column distillation process.  (Who knew the night was going to include a little science?!) 

But what really mattered is how did it taste?! 

There must be something in the 4 column distillation process because this vodka was smooth.  Like could drink it straight if I wanted to.  And we did.  All in the name of educating ourselves, of course.

After trying it straight, I tried the Raspberry Lime Crav Sensation.  This was a fresh lemonade, lime juice, raspberry with a sprig of mint bundle of joy.  They were delish and could make for a dangerous night because the vodka is so smooth, you hardly even notice it.  

And in the name of educating myself again, I tried the Craving Ginger Rogers.  I couldn't just take everyone else's word on how good this was, I had to try it for myself.  The Ginger Rogers was made up of Crav vodka, ginger and orange blossom infused syrup, and a twist of time.  (but after a few rounds the  twist became a wedge and then was left out all together which was a bit sad because look how pretty the twist looked)

Crav just became available in the last couple of weeks and you can find it at a bunch of places around town: Bier Market, Blind Pig, Fahrenheit, Happy Dog, Lolita, Market, Southside, The Garage Bar among others.  

And let's just take a minute to enjoy the view from just outside of Pier W.
Just felt a little bit like Barbara Walters there for a second....

Thanks to Tom Rini, Pier W, and Crav spirits for hosting this event of complimentary tastings and small plates.  


the diet coke guy

Do you remember the Diet Coke commercial? The one where all the ladies in the office ogle the construction worker?

Yeah, my office our own equivalent to the Diet Coke guy (I think every office probably does). Except ours he keeps his shirt on. Isn't super muscled out. And works in our IT department. So in other words he really isn't anything like the guy from the commercial except when he is in the office, the ladies swoon/ogle/think dirty thoughts. He's been working from home a lot lately so our sightings have been few and far between but he was in the office today. And swoon we did.

When did my life become a sad Diet Coke commercial from the 80's?


Sunday Bacon

Bacon has been acting like a petulant teenager lately: all rebelling against authority, staying up late, sleeping all day, eating me out of house and home, bugging the crap out of my friends when they come over, acting like an asshole.  

And pay no attention to that pile of laundry in the background...a girl has to have clean clothes.  And we know Bacon isn't helping with the chores.

dear Gap,

Dear Gap, 
Please stop making clothes that look like lady parts.
Thank you.
This goes for all clothing companies/designers.  
We have vaginas, we don't need to wear vaginas.



Oh Happy Day is giving a way a TRIP TO *FREAKING* PARIS!!!

I don't know if you read Jordan over at Oh Happy Day but you kind of should.  She's kind of amazing.  Now she isn't a Cleveland blogger but I am going to forgive her for that because she is giving a way a TRIP TO PARIS!!! 

I am kind of hesitant to share this because I am greedy and you not knowing about it and therefore not being able to enter the contest only increases my odds of winning.  But if you don't read her already and you enter and win...you better remember who told you about it and take me with you.  I can be fun to travel with...really.  I can smoke and eat croissants and drink massive amounts of coffee at an outdoor cafe while complaining about Americans.  (I kind of do that already)

You have until 11:59 of the 20th to enter.  


A few fashion tips for the ladies of Cleveland

It's summer in Cleveland. The temperatures are getting warmer and the humidity is somewhere near 200%. After the winter we had, I am not complaining. I am sitting in my back yard tanning myself like I am a rotisserie chicken.

But I think the ladies of Cleveland need a few little fashion reminders for dressing in this warmer weather.

* Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. I am talking tube tops on a size 18+ lady. I am talking shorts with a 2 inch inseam on someone over 200 pounds. You might be proud of your body, that doesn't mean Cleveland needs to see all of it.
*Visible bra straps are not OK. But if you need to wear a bra, aka you have over an A cup-this means you, please wear one. One that fits.
*While the muffin top might be the best part of the muffin, you don't need to show yours to everybody.
* If you are going to wear sandals, make sure your feet aren't a hot mess. (and that does not mean getting a French pedicure.
* A little self tanner goes a long way. Orange is only acceptable if you are an oompa loompa.
*Tights are not pants.

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Sunday Bacon

Look at Mr. Ferocious here.


I am pretty sure I passed out on my bathroom floor because it was the coolest spot (temperature wise) in my house last night.  I am sure if had nothing to do with the golden margaritas, the skinny girl margaritas, the sangria and not eating until after 10pm.  
Yep, it was just because it was cool.


Saturday Bacon

He's so happy to be outside in this lovely weather, he's smiling.  
And quit looking at his package.


who doesn't love a new toy?

Since moving in to my new house, I have kind of sucked at blog writing, blog reading, and especially blog commenting (some people might not see this this as a bad thing). I blame this on my computer being located upstairs in my new house and on my iMac just not being as speedy as she used to be (she's 4 and she's been loved and she's not getting any younger). Oh yeah, and I blame it on a lot of people just generally bugging the f*ck out of me. While I can't help that last one, I can do something about the scenery and the technology. So, I bought a new little toy for myself. One that allows me to blog and pin and tweet and internet shop and look at porn from my backyard, or my toilet, or my couch, or other normal places.


Hey ladies in my office....

it's called a courtsey flush. Use it!


it must be the sunshine

Did you ever have one of those people in your life that you even though things didn't work out with, you still have fond memories of them? Even though they may have just been the oddest person you know, that you still think about them and smile? And even though they made you watch endless DVDs of Stevie Ray Vaughan, you look back and thank them for that little musical education? And when you learn they are in a new relationship, you can do nothing else but be happy for them?

Nope, me neither.

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