it's been a minute...

...since I posted some weird product that I found on the internet.  
So without further delay, I present to you, Creepy Finger Soap.


I always feel like somebody's watching me....

Recently, I have been misplacing clothes in my house.  A while back it was a favorite Homage t-shirt.  Then it was a brand new, never been worn sweater.  Next up, a favorite workout pullover.  I  searched the house high.  I searched the house low.  Cue Milli Vanilli .  (I don't lend my clothes out so I knew they had to be here...somewhere)  I reorganized closets.  I did ALL the laundry.  And no luck.  The clothes were too big for Bacon to eat---even with that little trip to the Emergency Vet, that wasn't the cause.  

So, what's a girl to think?!  Yep, you're right.  A gay fashion fairy godmother ghost!  (Side note: from the neighbors, I heard that the old owner called in the Ghost Whisperer's daughter to cleanse my house because she believed there was a ghost in the house.  A man with a top hat.)  I was kind of wondering what clothes would be next to disappear.  Would stuff move to the front of my closet as a hint to wear that instead of what was there they day before? Seriously, who wouldn't want a ghost that helped you picked out outfits and "misplaced" the stuff that didn't look good on you?

Sadly, it turns out I don't have a gay fashion fairy godmother ghost in my house.  I am just really absent-minded.  The t-shirt was found underneath the dresser drawers.  The sweater and work out top were in a grocery shopping (reusable) bag in the garage?!  Maybe I do have a gay fashion fairy godmother ghost afer all...it was right next to the trash cans.  A girl can dream.


unexpected evenings are always the most fun

Saturday evening after I had decided that I was going to stay in and cementing that decision with taking out my contacts and pulling my hair back in a headband and a ponytail, I got a text from Allison.  Her and her amazeballs husband (seriously a marathon and law school graduation on the same day?!  show off!) and her brothers were hanging at a bar about 20 seconds from my house and maybe 21 seconds from her house.  Well, a few minutes later me and my glasses were hanging at the bar too.  

And a few hours later, this was the scene in their living room.

I also have about 5 blurry photos of their fridge.  I believe it's one blurry photo for ever jar of pickles I saw in there----or maybe I was just drunk.


Monday Bacon

Bacon and I spent some quality time in the grass this weekend.  Bacon was rolling around in it and dragging himself across it.  I spent time mowing it--twice on Thursday and again on Sunday. I am really getting acquainted with that lawnmower of mine but to be honest, a little distance might be good for our relationship.  Too much, too soon isn't always a good way to start a relationship.


Yep, they're really free

Yesterday, I got up early so I could stand in the cold and rain/mist/shitty Cleveland weather for a few hours to cheer on some friends and random total strangers while they ran the Cleveland Marathon or Half Marathon.  

Here is the sign I was holding for most of the race...

I loved how many people gave me high fives (and yes I know the apostrophe doesn't need to be there. That's what I get for making the poster after a 2 plus hour rain delay at the Indians game on Saturday and many beers will get you). I know some random people took photos of me holding the sign and high fiving runners but I didn't make friends with them or even have them take a photo of me holding the sign with my phone.  Photo fail.  

All my runners (and I am including everyone who gave me a high five or air high five or thought about giving me a high five in that mix) did a great job yesterday.  I always manage a get a little teary eyed when I see people doing the marathon.  They really are an inspiration.  And I just gaged myself on how girly that sounded but no joke, they are pretty darn amazing.


Sunday Bacon

And on an actual Sunday....just look at me go.


HELLO patio season---how I have missed you!!!!

Summers in Cleveland make up for the other 8 months of crappy weather and gray skies and snow and cold and general crap. Clevelanders really know how to make the most of our short time in the sun---as witnessed by some great events almost every weekend from now until September. And even though we don't have a TON of nice weather, Cleveland restaurants have noticed the need for patios (they are trying to help us get that Vitamin D we need on top of feeding us delicious food). And I say, a tip of the hat to you, Cleveland restaurants, for making some seriously rockin' patios. One of the newest additions to the patio scene is Washington Place Bistro.

Last night I was invited by Washington Place Bistro and Cleveland Foodie to a patio preview party on their newly finished patio. The weather was great (until that little bit of rain at the end). The food was great--a pig roast and all the BBQ fixins (cornbread, cole slaw, potato salad, watermelon, cookies, and BEER!) The patio was great--a great little nook in Cleveland that I can't wait to spend more time on. Yes, I will be making more trips to the East Side. And the company was great! I am a little biased, of course, but we had a pretty sweet table---- my friend, Jessica, came as my guest, All Lacquered Up, Bite Buff, Cleveland's a Plum, and HappyinCLE. Just the right combination of random and snark!

Another great part of the night was meeting with Farmer Lee Jones--he sat at our table for a few minutes after dinner talking about some of the fun stuff coming up for Veggie U (I am still so pumped for the ticket to the event! seriously, so excited and I can't hide it.)

Then because we were just so close....CHEESE at L'Albatros.

It was such a great night with great people all around. Thank you so much Washington Place Bistro -- for sharing your patio and your delicious food with us, Cleveland Foodie -- for organizing the evening, Veggie U -- for just generally being awesome and being so generous and giving us all tickets to your event in July.


Sunday Bacon on a Thursday?!

I have been trying to get back in the swing of taking weekly Bacon photos but I have been kind of failing.  So instead of a photo this week, I have a video of what life with Bacon is like.

I tried to turn the camera towards the end to see if I could keep him in the frame, not so much.

And yes, I stopped the camera before you were going to see a bathroom moment..but hey, everybody poops!


No Diving....and WALK while you are at it.

I think this is pretty hysterical. I don't know if it was all those years as a life guard or just some sort of weird sugar high/slap happy something/just plain old weirdness.

I am generally not a fan of bath mats--why is your tub so slippery you need something in it to keep you from falling? who are you, my grandmother?---but this would add a bit of whimsy to my bathroom.

you can buy it here if you are so inclined.


F you, Rick Springfield

We all have at least one friend that post song lyrics as their Facebook status updates. I have even been known to do it on occasion. Today I read an update/song lyric that made me seriously angry. I have been stewing about it since I read it--the person who posted it, the choice of lyrics, and a whole bunch of other junk going on with mutual friends

Who knew that Rick Springfield could piss me off so much?

And seriously Rick, less is more when it comes to plastic surgery.


Inside out

Don't you hate it when you get to work and then realize you put your underwear on inside out?

No? Just me then...OK.


Sunday Bacon

Someone spent some time enjoying the sunshine on Saturday.