who doesn't love a good wedding?

So Bacon must have known that I wanted to watch the wedding (even though I was dvring it on 2 different channels---NBC and E! Yep, I am that girl) because he woke me up at 3:59 to go outside. After a quick pee it was back in bed to watch a little of the peeps entering the Abbey. After my workout, more wedding watching. I cannot wait to go home and watch the coverage and the recaps. I am sure I will be checking the internet for more photos of the dress as well as the guests throughout the day.

Of the limited coverage I was able to watch this morning, one of my favorite moments was when William and Kate were sitting listening to the priest and it looked like William was about to bust out laughing. I love when Royals show they are human.

But seriously, that dress! I love it.

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the return of Sunday Bacon

Big stretch.  Bacon (and by Bacon, I mean me and Bacon) is finally emerging from a long ass winter. 
We have lots to do...just look at all those weeds in the brick.  
But for now, we'll just take some lounging in the sun.

Happy Easter!


knock knock...who's there....orange

Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

I have always been creeped out by ripe bananas. (this is not a dirty euphemism.) For years I couldn't eat bananas because the look and texture of them creeped me out. (Seriously folks, mind out of the gutter--I am talking about the actual fruit here.) I had kind of gotten over this until I saw these bananas. ICK!

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I don't know how to lawnscape

I am going to admit something----I have never touched a lawn mower. I have never had to mow a lawn, until now. I am a lawnscaping virgin. I grew up in a townhouse and the community had a lawn service. And since then I have lived in apartments or rented and the lawn care was not part of the deal. So this weekend I am headed to Lowe's/Home Depot/where ever you buy lawn tools to pick out my first lawn mower. I will let you all know the first time I have to mow the lawn so you can come over, drink beer, and laugh at me trying to start the lawn mower and then actually use it while keeping all my digits and limbs. (How hard can it be..most 10 year olds can do it so why can't a 34 year old?!)

Hopefully my lawn won't look like a drunk mowed it...oh wait, well let's just hope I don't lose a digit. We can work our way up to patterns.


I don't get what the big deal is

A little boy wearing hot pink nail polish....oh the horror!

There are so many other things to worry about and this is what causes an uproar?! Who cares that the US has multiple wars going on at the same time. Who cares that gas prices are $4. Who cares that there was almost a government shutdown last week. Who cares that healthcare is a mess. Nope, Jenna Lyons painting her son's toe-nails pink for the J.Crew catalog is a big deal. I do realize that Jenna using her son in the catalog might raise a few eyebrows--did she knowingly use her son to make a statement, etc. But it seems that people are more upset about a boy wearing nail polish than anything else.

I think it's selling some Essie Pink Parka is what I think it's doing. Now I am off to locate this polish.

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I feel like I accomplished something this weekend...and by something I mean I am through all the Dexter that is available to me (or so I thought*) . Season 4 has been viewed---marathon style, thanks to Heather and her husband, Jay, who burned be the half of season 3 I was missing along with all of season 4. So if you wanted to know a recap of my weekend, you can picture me on my couch with Bacon on my lap watching Dexter, ordering in pizza so I didn't have to interrupt my viewing. (I did clean the fridge out, clean behind the stove and the whole oven, clean the bathroom, grocery shopped, took Bacon for a 3 mile walk to the Metroparks but that was really all just a ploy not to feel like a total slug and to justify the 15 hours of Dexter that was watched) And HOLY CRAP!!! That season 4 finale was a killer.

*I thought I would have to wait until August or so to find season 5. But someone informed me that if I had Showtime, I could view season 5 On-demand. Some one's going to be ordering Showtime for the weekend---or the month if that's the shortest amount of time I can sign up for. And, well it looks like you have next weekends recap already.


Am I seriously ranting, AGAIN? Yep, yep. I am.

I started my blog to keep from emailing a boy that was bad news for me. Daily we would send each other stuff we thought was funny, stuff we wanted to buy, music to check out, etc. I was still finding all this stuff but knew I needed to cut off communication with him...enter blog here. The boy is long gone. Thanks to my little nonsense blog, I have met some great people and some of them have become friends in real life. I have also had some great experiences thanks to the people I have met. I am thankful for all this. But just like life, I have met people I just don't like. They aren't my people. And I am not their people either. That's OK. It's pretty obvious that I don't like everyone and I totally understand that I am not everyone's cup of tea. I am loud, opinionated, totally inappropriate 95% of the time, and I am known to be pretty funny. That's what my blog is...a totally random collection of all these things in my head that I feel the need to share with anyone who might be interested and might get a chuckle out of the stuff in my brain.

The thing I have noticed recently with a bunch of Cleveland Bloggers, and most likely bloggers everywhere, is the shameless self promotion. Twitter and Facebook have only made this worse. "Hey look at me, look what an awesome blogger I am. Look, I posted my deep thoughts online, go look at them right now. Did you hear me? RIGHT THIS SECOND. Hey guess what?! Someone found my blog looking for BIG BLACK COCKS."

That's not to say that eveyone is like this---just a few. And these few are ruining it for me. They make me embarrassed to tell people I have a blog. I don't want to be lumped in with them. I am not looking for handouts-believe me, I will take them if you want to give them to me but I am not going to chase people around looking for free stuff. I just hope people either identify with something I say, get some sort of enjoyment out of it, or get whatever we look to get out of a blog when we read them.

Half of the people that know me in real life have no idea I have a blog. It's not where I make my money so I have no need to sell it to anyone. If you like it, good. you don't, well you can suck it. Most likely if you don't like my blog, I don't like yours either..just saying.

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I think I am giving birth to a samoas baby

I love this time of year and I hate this time of year. The Girl Scouts might be the death of me. I have no self control and Girl Scout cookies are no exception to this. I buy boxes and boxes of samoas-I even freeze them to slow myself down from eating them because they just aren't as good frozen and you might break a tooth. They are just that good--I think it's the crack those damn Girl Scouts put in those cookies.

Well, I think I have eaten too many. I might have even found my limit. And I am pretty sure there is a 10 pound ball of caramel and coconut in my body that no amount of stomach acid will break down. Maybe another 9 months and I will give birth to a bouncing baby coconut ball-God, I hope not, it's kind of painful already.

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