I don't mean to sound slutty...

Have you seen these cards? I have seen them around the internet a bunch recently but just in case you hadn't seen them, I felt the need to share.

I kind of love the simplicity of them, oh and their wit.


alcohol free zone

This past weekend was fun---if by fun one means drinking until you can't drink any more. I know that isn't really fun and I do know how to have fun without drinking. No, I don't need to go to a 12 step meeting. No, I am not in denial. No need for an intervention--at least not for this. I might need a Samoas intervention--those things are delicious this year. So, so, so delicious. Samoas and Tagalongs and Thin Mints...OH MY!
Because I have been going out too much recently, I have decided for this week----no drinking. No stupid text messaging. No stupid photos.
OK, there might be stupid photos if Bacon would just cooperate.
Wow! There were a lot of no's in the above paragraph.
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anyone have season 3, disc 2?! anyone. anyone.

Dear Clevelanders who have Dexter Season 3: Disc 2,

Long wait?!  Turn that shit in.  I need my fix.
Thank you very much,
Totally addicted to Dexter


still trying to forget about the back room

Thursday was absolutely beautiful day.  
And some good fun.  
Just look how happy I am to be double fisting!

I am happy because I am trying not to think that my ceiling in the back room looks like this:

Happy home ownership!


doing anything to avoid dealing with the real problem

Because I am trying to avoid thinking about the buckets sitting in my back room that are collecting the water dripping from the ceiling (stupid flat roof) and the how the drywall ceiling is going to need to be replaced, I am thinking about how I want an inflatable screen for my backyard. Not so I can watch movies but so I could move the wii out there (temporarily, of course) and play Dance Party 2 outside once the weather finally gets nice. The screen doesn't need to be inflatable but I am kind of thinking this wii dance party in the backyard seriously needs to happen. And who needs a ceiling in a room that doesn't even have furniture?


little vending machine, I will miss you (at least for the next few weeks)

It's Lent again. Actually it's been Lent for 5 days now but I am way behind on everything, including cleaning my house---maybe I should have given up not cleaning for Lent. Anyway, moving on. Again this year, I gave up the vending machine at work. Those little Donettes call my name. So do 100 Grand bars. And Fritos. And Twix. And Fruit Pies.
I also gave up soda/pop.
So yeah, I am way fun to be around right now. It's like taking Charlie Sheen's twitter account away from him.
Maybe next year I will try and give up internet shopping. Who am I kidding, that's likely to be as sucessful as the year I tried to give up swearing. I lasted exactly one fucking minute after declairing that Lenten promise to my co-workers.



I don't really need to recap the crazy that is Charlie Sheen for anyone.  It's a serious train wreck.  And yes I might have listened to Tiger Blood Radio on Sirius this weekend to get 24 hours of Charlies Sheen news---I also watch Celebrity Rehab---I like train wrecks.  But really I could care less if Charlie Sheen is still on drugs or if he has just lost his damn mind.  The piece of information I really want to know is: does Charlie Sheen wear a toupee?

Oh and I want him to stop wearing that Cleveland Indians cap...hasn't Cleveland been through enough?!

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internet, it's not you, it's me

I haven't been feeling the internet all that much the last couple of weeks. My google reader had over 1,000 posts I hadn't read up until I decided there really wasn't too much that I was missing and decided to "mark all as read".

I haven't given up on technology all together though. It's like 2000 all over again and I have been spending my time with my phone (not all my time though because that would just be sad). I have rediscovered text messaging---particularily drunk text messaging.

Forget you, twitter. I am not going to tell my followers to come make out with me. But, I might have better results. Maybe I should rethink this....
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