Monday Bacon

In honor of Super Bowl Week, I will share with you my new nickname for the nugget.

No, I don't think Big Ben is cute. I am not proud Big Ben is from Ohio. I don't like the Shitsburgh Steelers. So why have I been calling this adorable nugget of mine the same name as an NFL player?
Because Bacon doesn't understand that no means no---much like Ben. Bacon spent most of Saturday trying to force himself on Lizzie (an older lady who only has 3 legs..and not the first Lizzie he has done this to). I had to put him on lockdown...to protect the innocent.

Go Packers!

Reminder----Don't forget to enter the Gotta Love Chevy NEO Girlfriend Getaway to Boca Raton. Go HERE to register to win a trip for 2 for 4 days and 3 nights to Boca Raton, FL. This contest is open to Ohio residents only and you must be 21 and possess a valid driver's license. (the rules are here.)


who knew that in 2011 I was going to turn in to a grumpy old man

This photo was taken last week...at the bar.  Yes, those are my slippers.  And yes, I am wearing trouser socks with them.  But in my own defense...it was snowing like crazy and therefore everyone (for the most part) had on some ugly and practical shoes.  And my feet were WARM and COZY and made beer drinking that much more enjoyable.  
Just wait until summer when you might see me out in black socks and sandals mowing my lawn.  Now, GET OFF MY LAWN.


At least we are getting closer to Sunday, Sunday Bacon

Bacon isn't quite sure what to make of this car that smells like new car and what it's doing sitting in the driveway.  So he had to get in and check it out for himself. 


I Miss January (OK, one of them) and it's not what you think

I am one of the January Chevy Girls on the Go--along with Michelle from All Lacquered Up and Katrina from Bite Buff. Thanks to the Northeast Ohio Chevy Network Dealers, I have been given a Chevy Cruze to drive around in for the next four weeks. It's jammed packed with features like remote start, heated seats, XM radio, OnStar, and a bunch of other great safety feautures like 11 airbags and StabilTrak.

They also provided me with some gift cards to participate in some fun tasks but it's not always about me. Sometimes it's about you too. And you can register to win roundtrip coach airfare to Boca Raton, Florida (and seriously who doesn't want to go to Florida when it's supposed to be a high of 20 tomorrow?!) and one hotel room for 4 days and 3 nights at the Bridge Hotel. (Travel must be completed by July 30, 2011, is based on availability and blackout dates apply. Winner’s guest must be 21 years of age at the time that the reservations are booked. Winner is responsible for any incidental charges and ground transportation is not provided. Approximate retail value is $2,000.00.)

The rules and entry form can be found at the Gotta Love Chevy Northeast Ohio website.

Hi my name is Suzanne and I am an addict....

(see, even Dr. Drew is worried about me)

I might need an intervention. A cheese and wine and beer and carb intervention. It's getting a bit out of control, so much so that I am actually craving a salad and water. My body seems to be drawing a line in the sand.

Monday was an excessive but amazing amount of cheese at L'Albatros. Tuesday was a night off from wine and cheese. Wednesday was a little blogger meetup at Whole Foods where there wasn't any cheese but there was wine. And then there was a that little stop at Melt for cheese, carbs, and more beer (right, because that's exactly what I needed). Last night there was pizza and more beer and oh yeah, more beer at West Park Station. Tonight, I have family in town and guess where we are going? (Twice in one week might have been the sign that an intervention is necessary) Yep, L'Albatros.

There are still more left over holiday parties---the after holidays holiday get togethers. ugh. Seriosuly, after just thinking about how poorly I have treated my body this week (and the last 4 weeks), I want to go for a run and a swim and throw some rowing in there for good measure. And throw up. And do a cleanse/juice fast/cabbage soup diet. Too bad I went ahead and confirmed plans for a wine tasting next week.

Maybe I will pick up some willpower sometime in the next 48 hours but I don't think so. Maybe I can at least up the workouts a little bit more.


Tonight---Party at the West Park Station

My friend Nicole is participating in Team in Training. That kind of means she's nuts. She raising money for a 100 mile bike ride in Lake Tahoe in June. (that's where the nuts part comes in) Even though she is a little nutty, it's a great cause and she's a great person.

Starting at 6pm tonight it's $20 for all the food you can eat and beer you can drink starting at 6pm. ($10 of each ticket goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) There is also a case of Great Lakes Christmas Ale that's going to be auctioned off as part of this fundraiser.

Crooked River Band starts at 7pm and there is a DJ starting at 10pm.

West Park Station is donating 12% of all food and beverage sales to LLS from 5-9 so even if you don't want to pay the $20 for the all you can eat food and drink you can still support the cause.

Since it's Thursday most people are going to be drinking somewhere anyway (and everyone needs to eat dinner), come up to West Park Station and eat and drink for $20. Or just eat dinner and have a beer or 2 or 10 between 5 and 9pm and you'll be supporting the cause. I'll be there (even though I don't always place nice with others I will be on my best behavior this evening, I promise)!

I feel the need, the need for pigtails


image found here.


what the f*#@ is a foodie?

I have a bug up my butt about a word---a stupid word. Foodie! Lately that word sends me in to a fit of rage (kind of like mentioning a french pedicure to All Lacquered Up ---take my word for it, you might not want to tell her about your love of two toned toes). I think it's way overused. I think it kind of makes me want to punch the person who called them self one in the face. I am sure this all my own bias (actually, I know it is but it's my blog so deal with it) but if your dietary limitations are longer than the list of things you eat, how can you be a "foodie"?! I don't consider myself a foodie because I don't eat meat on a bone (cue 12 year old laughter here). I don't like fish and some of the other seafoods like clams or mussels. Organ meats scare me. I can't attend a Dinner in the Dark because the thought of not knowing what the courses are going to be ahead of time stresses me out. What if there is liver or fish or duck or clams or what the hell and I going to do if there is a snail on my plate....you see where I am going with this. I could never leave my dining decisions up to the chef--even though at a few places, I might consider it.

Yes, I like food. I like food a lot. Too much if you ask me but that's a whole other issue.
I love stinky cheeses and fancy (and not so fancy) restaurants. I go to them quite often and I don't order a burger or the chicken breast. I try to venture out within my limitations and sometimes even push my own limits. But there are still limits. Because of these limitations, I don't consider myself a foodie. And because I am always right, I don't think anyone else should either. You aren't a foodie unless there isn't anything you won't or can't eat. So that pretty much leaves Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern. (OK, OK. There might be a few others but see above where if your list of what you won't eat is longer than what you will, you aren't one of them) And since I am pretty sure most of the people reading this aren't either one of them, you aren't a foodie. You might just really like food.
image found here.

Rolling in the Deep

I am loving this new song from Adele.  Actually I pretty much love everything I have heard of hers.
I can't listen to it loud enough...over and over.


Bacon. I can't even call it Sunday anymore

I spent most of my weekend with my bedroom looking like this.  It might have been all the Dexter I have been watching but I was kind of loving the wrapped in plastic look. 

But even with the all the activity around the house this weekend (electrician installing new lights, bedroom painting, breaks for dinners, installation of a garage door opener) and all the Dexter watching (I finished season 2 this afternoon) I wasn't too busy to buy Bacon a new collar for the new year.  
He's a lucky dog.  Or spoiled.  You say tomaydo, I say tomahhdo.


how am I just finding out about this show?

I am seriously doing everything I can to avoid painting.  I don't really hate painting this much but for some reason the thought of it causes me to do anything but actually pick up a brush, pour some paint in to the pan and start painting.  So in my procrastination fueled Netflix watching, I discovered Dexter.  (Actually it was initially sparked by friends and co-workers talking about how good it is...then along came Netflix. And BAM! here we are watching Dexter for hours on end.)  I have no idea why I even thought this was a good idea since Grey's Anatomy makes me squeamish but I kind of love it.  I am still in the first season....can't...get...enough.  
And is it weird that I think Dexter (I love me a gingy) is kind of hot?!


copy cat

I have wanted an Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair for a number of years. But with a price tag of over $679, that wasn't going to happen. Ever. Not for one chair...that wasn't the size of a couch and that was made out of plywood. I don't care how stylish it is. Even this girl draws the line somewhere.

But then the other day, Haute Look's Deal of the Day was a "Modern Classics Plywood Lounge Chair". And sorry, it was $99. In Walnut. So I bought it. Judge me because I bought a copy, a replica, a fake. Whatever.

Now if only I could find a good replica of this Nelson Platform Bench...

And thanks to Copy Cat Chic (who regularly features copy-cat looks from DWR-whose reach their design is within is beyond me) for the heads up on the chair---I never remember to check Haute Look.


Netflix + me = nerdy

I recently signed back up with Netflix--it had been a few years since I was a member. I was watching too much reality television to be considered healthy and I could feel my brain slipping away. Actually I was starting to secretly want to be a Real Housewife of Cleveland or some crap show like that (at least it's not 16 and Pregnant...even though I am no where close to 16 and there isn't a show called 34 and Not Pregnant) One might ask how is Netflix going to help with my rotting brain when there are movies like I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Center Stage out there...well I watch the weirdest collection of stuff from Netflix. Mostly documentaries. Actually like 90% of what I watch on Netflix is a documentary (examples: Exit Through the Gift Shop, September Issue, Religulous, Tapped. And I have more waiting in the queue: Spirit of the Marathon, Tyson, Valentin The Last Emperor, etc)

I save that other 10% for stuff like The Legend of Billie Jean----Fair is fair!


Baby step to four o'clock. Baby step to four o'clock.

Last August, I admitted I am socially retarded. I am sure from some of my stories, I didn't really need to tell anyone that though. Anyway, I've been working on it and I've been making some progress. (nothing major, baby steps people. It took me 34 years to get this way, and I'm not changing overnight.) And I will admit that I now understand that when "air conditioning boy" says he wants to come over to see the new house, he really could care less about the new house. I even figured that out before he came over to see the new house. See, progress!


knitting grannies

I came across this print while reading Apartment Therapy. (I love looking at that site and getting decorating ideas--ideas of things I like and a few ideas of things I don't like) This print is kind of amazing. Per the details of the house tour, it's Banksy. I did some internet "research" and found the print. I might just have to buy a copy of one for myself....
And if you haven't seen Exit Through the Gift Shop, you must rent it/watch it now on Netflix/download it/do whatever you kids do to get movies these days. It's great. Two thumbs up, way up.


Jersey Shore....bitch

Oh, how I have missed these hot messes. I was out and missed the live airing but thankfully for my trusty little dvr, I was watched the season premiere as soon as I got home. This show always makes me feel the need for a scalding hot shower and a shot of penicillin but I love it anyway. The new girl shows her lady parts to The Situation on the first day--who does that?! And you see her macking on Vinnie in the hot tub in the previews. Seriously, that hot tub has to be a breeding ground for every STD known to man as well as a few ones that haven't been discovered yet.
I am so happy to have the little meatballs and guido juiceheads back in my life.
photo found here.


Sunday Bacon whenever I darn well feel like it

It's been a minute since the last Bacon photo....


if my coat was a person...

Recently I realized I have a couple of jackets that if they were a person, they would have a driver's license. Actually, these coats are at least 17 years old. This info makes me feel old. (maybe because I am old but that's a different story....) Also this info makes me wonder why I was buying jackets that 17 years and many, many pounds later are still big on me. I must have looked ridiculous. I guess things haven't changed.
One of the coats in question happens to be this Patagonia. I think it's only increased $11 in 17 years. What a bargain!


I am living in the Bermuda Triangle

I had such high hopes of getting things accomplished this weekend for example---priming the hallway, laundry, more laundry, finally unpacking a few boxes, hanging some photos, and the list continues.  Yeah, I got some of the giant pile of laundry done.  But on a positive note, I uploaded new photos to Facebook.

image found here


Happy 2011

Cheers to 2011! 

I brought in 2011 much differently than 2010 or 2009 or 2008 or....you get the idea.  It was a great night and yes, I had no problem looking like this for most of the evening.  I normally hate NYE but last night was a blast and I hope that it's an indication that this year is going to be just as fun.