what's your return policy for silverware?

I thought turning 35 was a sure sign that I was old.  Like holy shit when did 35 happen?!  Like OMG what happened to my ass?!  It didn't always look like that, did it?!  And when did my boobs start looking like that?! But it wasn't seeing my ass in the mirror or my age written down that made me feel old....nope, it was this year's Christmas gift that arrived yesterday.  The gift was one of my silverware place settings and some matching serving utensils.  Yep.  That was it, that's the thing that officially made me feel old.  One it made me realize my everyday silverware comes in place settings....it's not plastic, it's not mismatched, it's like real grown up people silverware.  And two, that my mom thought of all the things I might need/want she chose to buy me silverware.  No stocking stuffed with nail polish and make-up and goofy socks.  No fun piece of technology all the kids are getting these days.  
Nope-silverware! And serving pieces!


Mel said...

Oh, man. I asked for silverware when I was 25. And again, when I bought my condo at 27 (after realizing I was missing a few spoons). *sigh*

SILVERWARE DOES NOT MAKE YOU OLD. (Nananana *I can't hear you*)

Fizzgig said...

its not getting old its wanting nice things, right? i got all that stuff when i was married at 20 and it didnt make me feel old then...so why let it now?

but then again, when did i start buying anti aging lotions? I think at 25...

Stay young at heart, thats what matters!!