sh!t, another running post?!

Seriously, didn't I just say I wasn't going to talk about running, running, and more running.  Well, I am back with one more running post.  Why?!  Because I want to brag a little bit and two, how else were you going to see the best costume I have ever seen at a race (unless of course we're Facebook friends and then you already saw it.  You probably saw the other fun fact too so go ahead and stop reading now...)

Seriously, it's like Randy Quaid came in from Canada or where ever he's been spending his crazy time at to run a 5k in Cleveland. And now that I have FINALLY watched Christmas Vacation, I know who this guy is dressed as -shitter was full. The best part, that's a full beer.  And it was like 9:30 am at this point.  I love this guy!

And now to the part where I am gonna brag a bit...I PR'd my previous fastest 5k time by 3:57.  Since last May, I dropped almost four minutes from my 5k time.  This is what my watch told me I ran the Reindeer Run in:

Official chip time: 26:22.  That's an 8:30 pace?!  Who the fuck am I?
Even my mom was finally impressed with my running (if you think I am a harsh critic, you should meet that lady.  I learned from the master).

Luckily for everyone involved, there are no more races for the year so the running posts should be kept to a minimum for at least a couple of months.


Holly said...

Your 5K time is faster than my PR - and I'm the one who has the running blog.


You need to change your blog name soon :)

Heather said...

Damn, girl.

Fizzgig said...

that is an amazing time! My GOAL is an 8 minute mile outdoors!!!

Alana said...

congrats, suzanne - that's something to be proud of!

JenC said...

I've been running for years and until Saturday, my PR was 26:18. You go with your bad self! Very proud! I'm bummed I missed seeing you.