I have seen this before and I might have even posted it before but I am WAY TOO LAZY to dig around for that post this morning.  But I recently stumbled across it again and decided I could really use this these days.  I think this sort of document would make things so much easier-way funnier than just passing a note saying "Do you like me?...check yes or no".  (though there is the nostalgia factor with those notes)  
I have someone I would like to pass this note to....suggested activities would be kissing and copulating.  None if this knot-tying and growing old BS (that would be an added bonus if the kissing and copulating were enjoyable).  And replying with enthusiasm is the only response.  

I should totally print it out, complete it, fax it to my e-fax and then email it to them.  
Maybe I could just tell them I want to make out with them....that might be easier.