and people wonder why I am single....

Saturday, after a little mattress shopping, I decided to come home and vegetate on the couch with some magazines.  And yes, I am the crazy dog lady that subscribes to Modern Dog.  Don't judge me.  And if you are judging, well suck it, because I really don't care.  
Here are some of the things I really want:

Morrison Hotel mini print note cards (featuring celebrities like Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, and Patti Smith all with animals)

A stuffed toy Bacon would be sure to destroy in less than 10 minutes but I still want it for my hipster pup.

Collars and leashes that are able to be personalized from Dog Gone It.

And because I not only am a crazy dog lady but I am also the crazy running blogger lady these days....
A reflective vest for Bacon!

In case you were worried, I did go out on Saturday night.

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Fizzgig said...

well in the crazy dog lady club, i am a member. I added my dogs picture to my visa card, and pulled it out when the cute phone salesman was putting on my screen protector and said "this is the perfect opportunity to pull out my new visa, that's my shih poo magoo....isnt he handsome"?

He said, "a shit poo?"

Yea, nothin wrong with being a crazy dog lady at all. Nothing.