Things I am thankful for....

Post Thanksgiving Day edition.

I am thankful I ran an awesome (for me) Turkey Trot.  I wasn't really feeling the run before it happened.  I stayed up late drinking with family, friends, and neighbors.  Then I stayed up even later watching American Horror Story (HOLY CRAP TATE!  We're so fighting right now. Add American Horror Story to the things I am thankful for too.) Then the race was packed and I ran in to an old friend who I ran with for a bit and then I decided to just run.  I stopped to take a few photos but I was just enjoying the whole scene.  I was jammin' to my music.  I was people watching.  So imagine my surprise when I finished with a 9:17 pace.  Holy fuck balls.  That is hella fast for me.  And I felt awesome.  

I am thankful it was a beautiful day!  
And the Factory of Sadness had no sadness going on.

I am thankful for this nugget.  And his cuddles.  And the spooning.

I am thankful for great friends to spend Thanksgiving with.  My family did our Turkey on Wednesday and my mom is in Florida until April so I spent the day at Jess and Marc's.  And I am thankful Marc used a Rambo knife to carve the turkey.

I am thankful for Christmas Ale Season.  The more the merrier.

I am thankful for Starbucks coffee and this cute little mug I picked up. I wish I had a scooter but until then, I will have to settle for a scooter mug.

I am even kind of thankful that Ulta was open this morning after my workout (yes, I technically was shopping at 6:30 and I felt like an asshole but they were open so I took advantage but I hate myself a little for it) so I was able to get a crap ton of new nail polish.

I am thankful my friend has children who I can go see The Muppet Movie with so I don't have to be the creepy old lady going to see it by myself.  (Jason Segel, I am thankful for you too.  And your full frontal in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.)  
And I am thankful for so much more. 
Happy Thanksgiving---a day later.


Fizzgig said...

Ok, soooooo going to see the Muppets without kids is far from creepy! The muppets are OURS anyhow! Kids nowadays will just think they are a bunch of puppets in a movie, but we know the truth!

That said, I'm going to see this with my Mother.

9:17 is an awesome pace! good job!

CLEshopaholic said...