let's get physical

Believe me, I kind of want to kick my own ass.  I didn't drink like a fish on Thanksgiving eve because I had to wake up early and run (I still drank...a lot...just not as much as I really wanted to).  I ran 5 miles on Thanksgiving...for fun and without the police chasing me.  And I might have experience a delayed runner's high when I checked the official times later that day.  I have worked out 6 of the last 7 days.  Black Friday, I bought new workout t-shirts for myself (and besides the ridiculous amount of nail polish I purchased, that might have been the only thing I bought).  I spend more time than I want to admit browsing the fitness section of Pinterest.  Friday afternoon I was fussy from a really shitty meal at B-Spot and so I decided the best cure for that was a run (after I had already worked out that morning).  

I have always kind of disliked the people who were workout freaks (after college that is when I stopped swimming twice a day) and not because I am jealous but because I don't think they have a good balance of fun and working out.  And for the record, I don't really consider working out fun though it does make me feel better.  Maybe I feel like I have been having too much fun so I need to work out like a crazy person to offset the amount of different Christmas ales I have been consuming.  Either way, I am not sure what is up with my insane workout habits of late (I did break the plateau so it's not all because of that.) If I start blogging about running, running, and more running---someone smash my iPod, hide the Garmin, and steal the laces from my running shoes.  And if you ever hear the words "gluten free" come out of my mouth, just take me out back and shoot me.


Holly said...

LOL. Running - It's all good!

More power to you!

I find the Pinterest fitness photos to be somewhat inspiring, but they kind of also make me feel like poo. Do those women just eat broccoli all day or what?

CLEshopaholic said...

You know you want to go gluten free. Muahahahaha