I've hit a plateau and I am pissed about it

Three weeks in a row, no weight lost. It was bound to happen eventually---44 pounds down without one was a little too good to be true but I know it's because there have been more dinners out, more beers consumed, more junk eaten, even more beer consumed.  Shit needs to get back on track.  The wheels need to go back on the bus.  I can't possibly work out enough to offset the fun I am having.  I need to go back to obsessively weighing myself.  I need to go back to being super strict about my point intake and tracking.  I need to stop drinking so much.  Damn!


Fizzgig said...

its better than a gain!

i hearrrrrrrd that! lol alchohol is the devil.

it really is.

ive been going thru the same thing. i wanted to lose 10lbs more, but then i started drinking like it was going out of style and instead have been fluctuating the same 6lbs up and down.

Alana said...

if you can drink xmas ale and not gain weight, that's a major win! i always pack on a few love pounds because of the devil's drink in nov-dec.