I think I have only been in an upright position for an hour today

Here are our best Blue Steel impressions

Holy hangover and lazy Sunday.  Yep, it's 7pm and I am still in my pajamas.  I finally washed off last night's makeup about an hour ago.  It's been a rough day.  
Last night started with Christmas Ale in the basement of Great Lakes.  And then it was more drinks and dinner (if you want to call a few olives and 2 crab cakes dinner.  I should have ordered more food----fail on my part. )  Next up, TINA'S.  It was already busy when we got there and only seemed to get busier.  There were also some local celebrities spotted there---Alexa, Allison, and Seanski! There were entirely too many beers and shots at this point.  Hence the pajamas at 7pm the next day.  It was a great night and thankfully Jessica and Marc's birthdays only come around once a year.  

Side note: reading your text messages from the night before is something you should not do until the hangover has completely worn off.  You might just make yourself sick reading that your response to someone offering to pick you up and drive you home was you sending a request for them to take you to boom city.  And then having to explain what boom city was. 

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Allison M. said...

I can second that you all looked like you were having a blast