who knew she was a Jenna Lyons fan?!

For my birthday, we went to dinner at Dante and then headed over to Tina's for a little (or a lot of cheap) beer and some jello shots. Too bad the jello shot maker didn't make it and there were no jello shots.  Tina's fail!  
While there were no jello shots to be had, there was this gem of an outfit. 
Black shirt, pink shirt, socks, and booties?!  Wow!

Too bad a couple of days later, while looking through my newest J.Crew catalog, I saw this:
Black shirt, pink shirt, socks, and booties?!  
Holy fuck.  
Who knew I was the asshole when I was making fun of the lady at Tina's outfit?!


smitten in cle said...

amazeballs. (and happy belated birthday!) that is all.

cry said...

that's so funny! I guess she is your fashion forward friend

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

and I'm your dumb ass reader who hit enter too soon...