Sunday Bacon

Sunday Bacon aka Why So Emo?
looking back at the photos I have taken of Bacon recently, I realized this pup just looks so freaking sad---all he needs are some dark glasses, some skinny jeans, and a couple of tattoos to complete his emo look. I think the shorter days are getting to him.  Or maybe he just really doesn't like the newest Owl City release.  

We're in for a long winter, nugget.  But this Indian Summer has been fantastic.

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Fizzgig said...

awe bacon wants a friend. better yet, he wants to come live with me and my Mr. Magoo and do doggie love things like sniff butts and share toys and stuff!

I always think i should get another dog for Magoo...but secretly, I think I would be jealous of the attention he would pay to the dog, and not me.

That's probably disgustingly selfish on my part. But at least I can admit it.