commitment to the hug

This past week, an old friend came over to help me with some stuff around the house. He came over to help and ended up spending a few hours working in my house--changing light switches and outlets. He wouldn't take any money for it...I paid him in some beer though but felt bad because it wasn't nearly enough. Anyway, as he was leaving he gave me a hug. It had to have been the best hug I have gotten in a long ass time.
Yes, I realize how sad my life is if a hug is that exciting to warrant it's own blog post. But seriously, it was that good a hug. There was commitment to the hug. The right amount of strength. Not too long to be creepy, but not short enough to be like the half assed ones you give people. This was all upper body parts touching kind of hug.

So yes, a hug got it's own blog post. Wow, my life is a thrill a minute.


Heather said...

I've been teaching my guy friends how to hug for years!! I absolutely HATE the pat on the back weak hug. Makes me angry (yes, a hug can make me mad).
So I'm trying to teach Colin from a young age the proper hug. It annoys him to no end. :)

Suzanne said...

A good hug can be a great thing. A bad hug can just be...eh. You just have to commit to it.

sarafindingthetime said...

Hi Suzanne- Great meeting you at the OBA meet-up last night. Your post made me think of this video. Have you seen it?? You'd probably enjoy it!


Fizzgig said...

hugs release endorphins. thats like a drug or something right? so, of course a legal drug deserves its own post!

nlosully said...

There is a woman at St. Mark's that gives the best grandma hugs ever. She smiles when she hugs you and you know she means it. I got suckered into teaching children's liturgy because of those hugs. They are powerful.