Meet Rue. Miss McClanahan, if you're nasty! She's kind of mature but still fun and sassy and slutty---just like I hope to be and considering in a few short weeks I am turning 35 so we have the mature (in age not personality) part down.

Monday night I picked up my new car. Buying a new car isn't really a good time-I might have cussed out a few people after a dealer snafu (looks like I might have the sassy part down too) but all was made right in the world and I left a happy camper. Driving a new car is a good time. I love her!

While a still an SUV, she has a little pep in her step.

I have totally forgotten about the Jeepster. Good thing too because I don't want Rue getting any ideas that I still have feelings for my old car.


Bite Buff said...

Looking forward to a ride!

Fizzgig said...

ooooh fancy! she's beyoootiful! congrats!!!

Heather said...

Love that you named her Rue!

Suzanne said...

Heather--did you get the Hunger Games nod in the name as well as a slutty older lady?!