excuse me, excuse me...can I get with you tonight?

I have a very distinct type.

I love me some short, balding yet hairy men. Facial hair a plus too. Can't grow it on your head but yet is in abundance elsewhere? Yep, will you be mine?

Cleveland is full of this type--so why is it that I am single?! I guess that's a topic for another day.

But, that brings me to Pitbull. I don't think he would be considered cute by traditional standards. But there is just something about him. And did anyone see him in those red pants and the VMA's?! That man was wearing those red pants.

And that voice---the little bit of gravel.

Did you hear that noise?

That was my panties hitting the floor.


Heather said...

I'm gonna be honest here and say that I think Pitbull is dreamy. But I pretty much feel that way about all my favorite rappers (is Pitbull considered a rapper??)..........

gweenbrick said...

I have never heard of Pitbull, but it is funny how the same style can look completely different on different guys-I am short and have a shaved head with stubble, but I look more like a pasty creampuff tottering around on stick legs and badly in need of a visit to the chiropractor

Fizzgig said...

pitbull is definately hot, i think its because he can make me wanna cut a rug even when I'm sober!

Speaking of bald, have you seen that Glen dude from the Bravo show Most Elibable Dallas? When he did his photo shoot and he showed his hot bod? oh....

I might have to be locked up so I don't try to track him down and make him mine!

oh yes!!!!!