because I really need to post about something that isn't Bacon or Bertha

Hey look! It's not a post about a spider or Bacon.

Last night I headed out with Charity and her friend Elizabeth to the 2 Wheels and Heels ride.

The three of us biked from Charity's house in Lakewood to Redstone. We wanted to get a few extra miles in...or we just wanted to ride bikes on a BEAUTIFUL night in Cleveland.

I wish I could say this photo is blurry because I am protecting the person's identity but really it's because I was riding my bike and I don't have the steadiest of hands. I named the girl in the white a "Menace to Society" because 30 seconds in to the ride she cut me off. A few more times she wasn't paying attention and cut us off again. She also almost took Charity out on the Lorain Carnegie Bridge. Menace!

Hey look it's another blurry photo.

We rode across the Detroit Superior bridge. And while I am afraid of heights, this bridge wasn't so bad. How I wish this photo was clear.

So many ladies on bikes. Everyone wanted to know what we were riding for. It really, really confused them when we yelled back.."FOR FUN!!!" I guess a group of women can't ride their bikes around downtown without people thinking it's for some cause. I guess it was for a cause...the FUN FOUNDATION!

I wore appropriate jewelry for the evening.

It was my first time at Joy Machines Bike Shop---I picked up a sweet bell and some lights for my bike.

I even tried on a helmet or two. Charity, I promise I will actually purchase a helmet ASAP.

After the ride, we finished the evening at the ABC Tavern.

And yes, ketchup goes really well with Jack and Ginger!

Ugh, whiskey/bourbon. How I hate you and love you all at the same time.

Last night was so much fun. I am still smiling.

Happy Thursday peeps.


GreenDogWine said...

SO FUN! I would love to do the next one if you guys go again! :)

Bite Buff said...

When I can ride a bike again, I am so going! FUN!