Sunday Bacon

I have been a bad blogger.  It's embarrassing when it's two Sunday Bacon posts in a row.
Monday I hurt my back and had to leave work to do a whole lot of nothing at home.  This is when I started Hunger Games.  And just like when I read Twilight, I kind of forgot I had a blog.  Or that I needed sleep.  Or that I had thoughts about anything other than the books.  
Then there was also some fun wrapped in to the week---happy hours, birthday party, golfing with the neighbor ladies, block party.  The picture above it from the one SINGLE photo I took of the whole block party (and it's of my damn dog...what the hell is wrong with me?!)  

Also this week, I got a new pet.  Her name is Bertha.  She eats lots and lots of flies.  I am completely fascinated by her.  No joke, I am outside looking at her all up close and personal a few times a day.  (I did my internet research and she's a good spider...that why she gets to stay) Neighbors came over to look at her during the block party.  She's that freaking cool. 


Alana said...

i loooooved hunger games! waiting for the 2nd and 3rd books to arrive on my doorstep.

Fizzgig said...

I was wondering if you thought about renting bertha out? I have a hella gnat problem. The only thing i havnt tried is repotting all my plants (ugh) and going on a spider hunt.

Seriously I feel like an episode of hoarders minus the hoard!

rachael said...

that is the biggest spider i have even seen! (in cleveland, that is). you are brave!