more Austin. yeah, baby!

You know what you don't see in my yard in Cleveland.  This:

Not sure what that is?  Well here's another angle for you.

Still not sure?  Well it's part of the head and spinal cord of a small deer that my aunt and uncle found in their yard.  Yes, like in the middle of the grass.  Now the rattle snake on the deck that bit my uncle a year or two ago might have been enough to scare the shit out of me but now random deer parts in the grass.  Oh hell no! I am too much a city girl to deal with deer parts.  Hell, I have to call the neighbors over to help me move dead birds out of my yard.  This was not the first deer part they found in the yard either-a couple of days before this showed up there was another skull and a part of a leg with the fur and hoof still on it. Their dog, Mojo, found himself a real treat and was chewing on it.  They have a lot of coyotes in their neighborhood, that's where the pieces and parts are coming from.  Ick!  

I guess it's a small price to pay for this:

Thankfully, I'll just visit once a year and I'll let them deal with the deer parts.


Heather said...

I can't even kill a spider. Seriously - I have my 9 yr old do it for me.
But I may consider it if I had a pool and view like that one.

Fizzgig said...

oh, bones are asthetically (sp?) pleasing? Next time I come across some bones in my yard I wont call the police, I'm going to display them beautifully next to my strawberry plant on the front porch!

Franklin in TN said...

Wow! Where about in Austin was this taken? Is the whole area scenic like that? Although I haven't visited yet, I may be moving there soon for work. Thanks! I'll definitely be trying out that bacon doughnut if/when I move there!