I'm slick like Rick.

This past weekend, I ran in the corporate challenge for some other company other than my own.  And I was hella hungover.  After a great night of food and lots of wine at Gatherings Kitchen and then some beers with the neighbor boys, I work up early to go run a mile in the heat and humidity.  (Now, I have NO idea why anyone would actually pick me to run on their team, with a 10 min mile and all.  They must have been desperate.  Whatever...my 10 min mile became an 8:40 or something along those lines on Saturday. But that's not the point of this story.)  What I wasn't prepared with was water.  Luckily I saw a guy that I know who was carrying a nice full water bottle.  So I asked him for some water...he, reluctantly (jerk), gave me his water bottle.  Where I proceeded to take a GIANT gulp and then at that very second tried to inhale at the same time.  Yeah, that didn't work so well.  I proceeded to choke, throw up, and shoot water out of my nose all at the same time.  In front of this boy.  Who it cute.  After that display of awesome, I just walked away.  I mean, how do you recover from just throwing and shooting water our your nose?! If he wasn't impressed by me before, he totally should be now.   Well that and my under 9 min mile.  

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Fizzgig said...

totally awesome! i prefer to keep my vomiting in the closet. i always puke on the hills when i trail run, and no one but the chipmunks are around to see.

at least you still went, hungover! props!