Wednesday Bacon

Someone isn't too happy with me.  
I think I am getting the stink eye and pouty face for bringing the neighbor's dog over so it wasn't alone while they are on vacation.  Or he could be mad because I left him home alone last night while I went out and had some fun with some fellow bloggers.  Or could he be as annoyed as I am but the rattling air vent? Maybe he's mad that since getting home today, I have neglected him while watching Secretariat (which if you haven't watched this, do it!  It's such a great movie).  
Or maybe it's all of the above. 


Green Dog Wine said...

Holy crap is that a dog stink eye if I've ever seen one! :X THAT MAN, is displeased.

Fizzgig said...

I finally caught this movie at the redbox after waiting forever! I loved it!!!

Sometimes I wish dogs could talk. Until I think about all the nagging we'd get for having lives outside of home, then I appreciate the occasional sideways glances for the "eff you's" they really are and call it a night!