pure and simple every time

Super extra bonus points if you recognized the title of this post is from a song.  If you didn't get the extra credit, do you remember the band The Lightning Seeds?  And the song Pure?  There, I gave you the answer.

So I showed you a ridiculous up close, unflattering photo of my face--clearly not my finest moment.  I have always had blackheads, and oily skin, and large pores, and rosacea.  The rosacea is a problem that has really reared it's head in the last few years and I have to use a prescription cream for it and combine it with my skin becoming sensitive, I needed to change up my cleaner.  I have tried every cleanser under the sun from drugstore to department--I found Aveeno to be my best friend until I found cleansing oil.  I have realized the best way to fight oil is with oil-currently it's Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mineral Oil-Free Cleaning Oil.  My skin situation has seriously improved with the addition of this little baby to the routine.  A little goes a long way and my skin is happier for it.

I have paid for this product, will continue to pay for this product.  I just love it a lot and wanted to shout about it.


Emily said...

My mom is obsessed with QVC, thus she is obsessed with Philosophy and thus she got us (her children) obsessed with it, too! I LOVE the purity face wash!

Sports Stole My Man said...

I've been using the regular Philosophy cleanser for a few years now. At a recent trip to Sephora, I picked this kind up and put it in my basket. Then I chickened out, put it back on the shelf and got the kind I normally get.I figured, if I'm paying $30 for cleanser, I had better LOVE it! I'm glad to know someone actually tried this out and likes it. I was just afraid that because it wasn't "soap," my face wouldn't feel clean.