I am a girl on a mission

And apparently, I want to kick my own ass.  

I have my eye on a prize and I guess I have a take no prisoners approach.  I just completed my first part of my goal aka Operation Frye Campus 14L in saddle.  You see, I really want a pair of Frye boots, boots like the ones my mom had in the 70's.  A pair like the ones I have photos of me wearing from the 70's but instead of them being knee high, they are hip high due to the fact I was 3 when the photos were taken.  (I might be old but I am not that old.)  The problem is, I have giant fatty calves.  Fatty boombalaty calves (they kind of go along with my amazing muffin top and breasts the size of toddler's heads).  So in order for me to purchase and then actually wear said boots, I need to lose some meat in the lower leg area.  And in order for this to happen, I actually need to lose weight all over.  You can't carry an oil barrel on twigs now, can you?  So I broke Operation Fry Campus 14L in to a three part series.  Part one has just been completed/accomplished.  Part two started today.  And to help me with Part 2, I decided that 5 days a week of working out wasn't enough.  Nope, I needed Jillian's help.  And holy crapola, this workout is no joke.  20 minutes of intense pain and sweating--and I work out.  
Please someone tell me it gets easier, right? Right?!


Heather said...

I seriously heart Frye boots.
And Jillian never gets easier. Sorry.

Alana said...

i own this DVD...jillian is a bitch. however, i think level 2 & 3 are equally sucky.

Trooper Thorn said...

Once you finish with Jillian, you can try Zuzana at www.bodyrock.tv. These workouts even scare me!

Fizzgig said...

Jillian gets easier, until you go to the next level on the dvd, then its hard again, and so on. lol I do this in my "off time" and I will say that after the 20 min doing the shred, I feel the same sense of accomplishment as a 5 mile run, or my 45 min bootcamp class!

Get it girl! Eye on the prize!!!!