holy face!

I know that you are thinking, I'm dead sexy!
This is absolutely the most flattering photo once could take of themselves---no makeup, end of the day, super close up face shot.  And no, I didn't get in a fight.  I got bit by mosquitos.  Those two GLOWING red bumps on my face (the one making it look like I have a dip in is my favorite of the two.  I named them Sid and Nancy) are GIANT MOSQUITO BITES-after Benadryl too.  How awesome is this?  
This happens every time I get bit but I don't remember ever getting bit on my face before so luckily for you, I felt the need to share with the interwebs. 
Happy Giant Face Sunday to you! 


Courtney said...

OMG guess I will stop complaining about the one on my forhead.

Sports Stole My Man said...

I'm not even concentrating on the bug bites, because I really really want your bangs. I've been dying for bangs like that my whole life. Lucky. :(