who doesn't love a new toy?

Since moving in to my new house, I have kind of sucked at blog writing, blog reading, and especially blog commenting (some people might not see this this as a bad thing). I blame this on my computer being located upstairs in my new house and on my iMac just not being as speedy as she used to be (she's 4 and she's been loved and she's not getting any younger). Oh yeah, and I blame it on a lot of people just generally bugging the f*ck out of me. While I can't help that last one, I can do something about the scenery and the technology. So, I bought a new little toy for myself. One that allows me to blog and pin and tweet and internet shop and look at porn from my backyard, or my toilet, or my couch, or other normal places.


Fizzgig said...

lol, that's a great post! and an even greater picture! I love it! It looks like your little slice of heaven on earth!

Jane said...

Love the MacBook Pro! Someday I'll join you in the MacBook Pro-having awesomeness.

Heather said...

Mac products rock my world.