A few fashion tips for the ladies of Cleveland

It's summer in Cleveland. The temperatures are getting warmer and the humidity is somewhere near 200%. After the winter we had, I am not complaining. I am sitting in my back yard tanning myself like I am a rotisserie chicken.

But I think the ladies of Cleveland need a few little fashion reminders for dressing in this warmer weather.

* Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it. I am talking tube tops on a size 18+ lady. I am talking shorts with a 2 inch inseam on someone over 200 pounds. You might be proud of your body, that doesn't mean Cleveland needs to see all of it.
*Visible bra straps are not OK. But if you need to wear a bra, aka you have over an A cup-this means you, please wear one. One that fits.
*While the muffin top might be the best part of the muffin, you don't need to show yours to everybody.
* If you are going to wear sandals, make sure your feet aren't a hot mess. (and that does not mean getting a French pedicure.
* A little self tanner goes a long way. Orange is only acceptable if you are an oompa loompa.
*Tights are not pants.

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Hungry In Cleveland said...

Well said. The people watching during summer is much more entertaining with some of "outfits" people wear.

Fizzgig said...

oh em gee, i work with a girl that thinks she doesnt need to wear a bra cus she doesnt have much, but um, yea, you need to wear one! the worst part was she had engagement pics taken sans bra, and all i can see in that picture she has at her desk, is uhhhhh.....NIPS! lol

Suzanne said...

Certain occasions and certain boobs call for bras at all times. I am thinking more along the lines of someone who has a C or D cup and they think that sad little shelf bra is ok. It's not OK, it will never be OK.

And if your bra makes it look like you have 4 boobs and possibly some back boobage, someone needs to hit up Nordstrom for a bra fitting.

Courtney said...

so true and funny. I had to laugh out load. I HATE it when girls show their love handles. Really did you look in the mirror?

Sports Stole My Man said...

There really needs to be more awareness in our society about the tragedies French pedicures cause. It's really a terrible, awful epidemic.