delay of game

Remember months ago I might have mentioned my roof was leaking.  Well since March my backroom has looked like this:

A really awesome design element if I do say so myself.  
Totally goes with the look I am trying to achieve in the house.
So FINALLY today, work on the roof started.  
And then stopped.  
Rain delay.

Looks like those railings are in great shape and totally doing their job.
Don't fall!

I am actually so excited for the work to start on this roof that I want to pee a little bit.  
Now you can tell any single boys you know that a new roof really gets me hot.


Cleshopaholic said...

I love having my own home but I HATE when things go wrong!!! I miss having a maintenance guy that I could just call who just appeared while I was work and fixed things! (while N is quite handy, it's just not the same)

Heather said...

So glad it's finally getting fixed! Any cutie roofer guys?